10 Amazing Architectural Gyms To Know Post Easter Binge

Here is some design inspiration that will make you want to write a strong letter to easyGym – new thought-provoking architecture for municipal and private gyms situated around the world. A work out for the mind…

1. Let’s Ride, Paris, France 

Located in Paris’ 11th district and only just open to members, this spin class gym was designed by DAS-Studio with a brief to keep things streamlined, industrial and unfinished looking. Note the exposed air vents and unpainted walls.


2. Zhonghe Sports Center, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Jutting out from Tawain’s citycape’s like a huge faceted armadillo shell, the Zhonghe Sports centre is a public sports centre designed by Tapei studio Q-Lab. standing at 38 metres high, the structure accommodates pretty much every kind of sport you could imagine, including badminton courts, rock climbing, fitness suites, a swimming pool, basketball and even a sunken subterranean hockey pitch.


3. StreetDome, Denmark

What teenager wouldn’t want to skate around a giant igloo with sunken penguin pools? StreeDome was a joint 2014 project between two Skandi architect studios. CEBRA designed the domed sports centre for basketball, skateboarding and climbing while Glifberg+Lykke, who are skatepark specialists, dreamt up the meandering contours for bikers and skate kids. Located in the southern Danish harbour town of Haderslev, the skatepark is 4.500 m2 and appears to be “growing out of the concrete landscape like a mushroom,” according to the studios.

4. Dashte Noor’s Gym Building, Mazandaran, Iran 


This gym looks like it was imagined in the gaming app Minecraft, which makes its location in southern Iranian town of Mazandaran all the more remarkable.The wooden shell was specifically chosen by architect Narges Nassiri-Toosi to evoke nature, while the L-shape design was conceived to make the most out of natural light.

5. Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium, Hellerup, Denmark


BIG architect Bjarke Ingels is co-designing Google’s new Californian base along with Thomas Heatherwick. The Google HQ which has been designed to look like giant domed glass pods will reportedly use robot cranes called ‘crabots’. This submerged gym, also by BIG, is less ambitious in terms of scale, engineering and budget but no less ingenious. Its surface is dotted with LED lights which illuminate benches and seating at night, while the lattice design ensures shards of light flood into the sports hall during the day. It is also a very green design: solar panels on the exterior heat up the spaces inside.

6. Gymnasium, Tourrette-Levens, France


To many, this gymnasium  designed by Heams & Michel Architects is a sherbet yellow beauty cube; to others it could be architecture’s answer to a Big Yellow Self-Storage Box. We’re of the first opinion. What’s not to love about its uncompromising minimalism and ridged concrete facade, made to mimic the draping of a stage curtain (the gymnasium specialises in circus stunts). Furthermore, the interior looks a little like a Kandinsky painting with constructivist colours for the climbing frame and a big red centre circle to mark the importance of the floor space just like in a circus. The light pours in from the glass roof. Just clever.

7. RELAXX sport and leisure center, Bratislava, Slovakia


The view of the motorway isn’t great but who cares when you’re working out on stilts?! Bratislava’s Relaxx gym is the work of Czech architecture duo ( Andrea Klimková and Peter Kručay) – not to be confused with world renowned London-based structural engineers AKT2. The brief was to create a narrow building that would somehow neutralise the commotion of the city’s arterial road. Standing on naked concrete legs, it surprisingly offers two dynamic panoramas of the city, a more romantic, dwarfed version of the highway and beautiful views of the right bank of the Danube river.

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8. Rebel Gym, London 


Studio C102 has transformed this one-time storage space in Broadgate, East London, into a luxury 8500 sqft luxury gym. The brief was to design an industrial-looking exercise space that was in-keeping with the brand’s promise of every class feeling like a night out. The result is a gym that looks like somewhere you might want to get off with someone (sweaty) in a dark corner, possibly listening to Daft Punk after one too many protein shakes.

9. Tucheng Sports Center, New Taipei City, Taiwan


Another Q-Lab project only more Tetris-inspired in terms of its mosaic-like facade. Each interlocking cube is colour coordinated to correspond to a different sport: blue for swimming, red basketball and grey for ice hockey.

10. Swimming Pool, A Coruña, Spain


It looks like a massive Swedish sauna plonked in the middle of the Galician countryside, and it kind of is. Designed as a prototype to be recreated in various other cities on a minimal budget, this is the handiwork of architect Francisco Mangado. His answer was a simple barn-like structure that would accommodate a large pool and gymnasium as well as a cafeteria, changing facilities and sauna. Amazingly all these elements are carefully jigsawed together in this deceivingly simple building with the pool and gymnasium half submerged below ground level.