10 Ways That Alessandro Michele Has Made Gucci Exciting

Alessandro Michele can do no wrong. Gucci’s Creative Director will soon receive another feather in his cap as he scoops the International Designer Award at the British Fashion Awards on November 23rd. Here are 10 ways that the designer is changing the luxury landscape through his innovative and inventive vision for one of Italy’s most famed fashion houses.

Serious Rings


For SS16 everyone gets to be Cara Delevingne with their very own lion ring – no tattoo necessary. Rings are like knuckle dusters, to be worn together on each hand all at once. The more the merrier, even if it hurts.

The green and red stripe

It looked old hat under Frida Giannini, but AM carefully reintroduced the signature stripe to classic items like watches, briefcases, bags and socks, gradually applying it to more folkish aspects of his read-to-wear collections.



Every label from MaxMara to Louis Vuitton has a hand in the art world, but Gucci has moved into the visual culture of digital technology with a platform that encourages artistic expression through special commissions with artists handpicked by Alessandro himself. Each one interprets a different aspect of the label, be it print or product.


So long Prada shoes

Candy satin shoes were always the stronghold of Prada and Miu Miu, but since Alessandro Michele stepped in, Gucci has raised the bar with new footwear collections that send social media into a spin. The below image garnered 32K likes alone. FIY Prada has 6million followers on Instagram, while Gucci has 6.1 mill.



Self-congratulatory campaigns or are they? 

Glen Luchford’s Cruise SS16 campaign sent a clear message to the world: Gucci is for cool kids; you’re not invited to the party unless you are supremely confident and you choose lifestyle over fashion. Then the director made a parody of his own video, to nullify this idea, leaving us utterly confused about how serious Gucci really is. Making it all the more desirable.

Folk vintage that’s not vintage at all

Alessandro is a master of illusion. For his SS16 cruise collection for example, we saw ‘pretend’ collars sewn on tops – but more significantly than this, he has created a ‘faux’ vintage style that can’t be assigned to any particular bygone era, making his design thoroughly modern by definition. “There are things here that look vintage, but don’t really exist as vintage—it’s the illusion of it.”


Cross dressing

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It’s not a defining trait of his collections, but suiting that’s bold, eccentric and ‘gender-bending’ plays into the bigger picture of Alessandro’s aesthetic. “I love the undefined, things that are a hybrid are beautiful.”



Madi Stubbington

Pre-Raphaelite ice queen with the most piercing blue eyes, who first modelled for the label in AW15 and has since become its star. Madi Stubbington is the face of Gucci’s new fine jewellery collection and the one who wore that baby blue see-through dress on the SS16 catwalk in Milan.


New Stores

Remember how stuffy they were? The new Milan flagship is a cabinet of curiosities bathed in light and punctuated with pops of colour thanks to textured floors, turquoise carpeting, bright velvet armchairs and reflective iron trunk shelving. Windows have breathed new life into the art of window dressing too.


Boys to men and back again

An Italian brand that isn’t machismo? Yes. Gucci boys all look like members of a folk rock band until they don a suit. Alessandro says it’s okay to flit between flamboyant boyhood and refined adulthood.