McQueen Pulls Two All Nighters
Fashion Party at the V&A


Met someone who hasn’t been to the McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A? Come July 24th there’ll be no more excuses, unless they have a phobia of feathers (AKA Pteronophobia; here are some others if you dare).

The V&A is making the unprecedented move of opening up around the clock to meet ticket demands for the record-breaking Alexander McQueen show, that has so far welcomed 345,000 people. The museum expects a footfall of 12,000 over the two weekends that it will be open through the night, starting from July 24th to Sunday at 10pm and again on July 31st to Sunday 2nd of August at 11pm.

The Met in New York, which hosted the exhibition first in 2011, also extended the opening by a week, but this London move is way more progressive, not least because there’ll be a fully equipped bar serving up drinks throughout the night. Just the way Lee would have wanted it.