Kenzo’s Snowbird Short by Sean Baker starring Abbey Lee

Actress Abbey Lee (of Mad Max: Fury Road fame) expressed her excitement about her role in Sean Baker’s new Kenzo-sponsored film with multiple emojis (see below).

Baker is the director of Tangerine, the first full-length feature film to be entirely shot on iPhone. The fictional movie, shot in the style of a documentary, won much praise from critics upon its release last year, and not just because of this pioneering cinematographic feat. It was the bitter sweet storyline that won people’s hearts; a tale of two transgender sex workers and their various misdemeanours as they cruise the rough neighbourhoods of LA in search of a love cheat pimp and his girlfriend.

Snowbird is by contrast much more sleepy and abstract. It’s set in a dusty desert town, where trailer-dwelling hippies live a mellow if isolated and impoverished existence. One dreadlocked character poignantly tells Lee, ”Time doesn’t exist out here’,  but it clearly does for the actress who’s kitted out in a floaty SS16 Kenzo creation. Let’s call that artistic license.

A David Lynch-like poignancy is underpinned by the barren landscape, dotted with trash and irreverent keepsakes, as well as the a slowly delivered script. Lee takes cake to all her neighbours and learns some life lessons along the way, all the while slipping further and further into a surreal narrative that climaxes at ‘seriously weird’ 10minutes and 24 seconds in. Watch it below.

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