Alexandra Soveral: Men’s Grooming Range



Alexandra Soverals men’s grooming range is on our radar. It was in the works when we interviewed the skincare expert two years ago and is now the newest addition to the Soveral’s aromatherapy line. Soveral has hand blended five new products rich in topical vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils, and they are all SLS, SLES and Paraben free.

Mr. Mint



Nothing beats the cool, refreshing feeling that comes from cleansing skin with mint based products. Using organic mint Soveral’s Mr Mint Active Daily Face Wash lightly foams to leave your face with that fresh tingle. Her product is gentle on your skin, boasting moisturising properties that prevent your skin from over drying. This product is also creamy enough to be used as a good shaving lotion.

Green Tea & Lime


The Green Tea and Lime Multifunctional Energising Hair and Body Wash is that easy two-in-one we know most men prefer. Lather head to toe and rinse. Soveral has been careful to make sure it cleanses without stripping by protecting your skin with lime and green tea essential oils. You will get a little boost from the aromatherapy, energising you for the day ahead.

Formula X



Again two-in-one is the best solution for a)cabinet space and b)time. The Formula x Multivitamin Liquid Moisturiser is fully loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-aging essential oils. It acts as toner to close your pores while removing any tightness (from dryness) on your skin from that close shave. The original formula rejuvenates and hydrates your face, and won’t leave an oily residue.

Eye C



Puffy eyes and dark circles are the telltale giveaway that you stayed for one too many pints at the pub. To hydrate tired-eyes Soveral’s concocted her Eye C Vitamin C Brightening Eye Serum. It uses Vitamin C and pomegranate extract to help re-enforce your defence system and also prevent aging.

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Bare Faced



When your skin is feeling extra tired after a week at work, the multipurpose Bare Faced Prebiotic Face Polish and Mark is there to scrub away the dirt and give you a fresh glow for the weekend. The bamboo powder cleanses as the prebiotic and essential oils aid in tissue recovery, as well as balance skim sebum preventing a greasy shine.

Soveral Men’s Labdanum Eau De Toilette


Words: Janine Leah Bartels
Photos Courtesy Alexandra Soveral