Belstaff New Motorbike Documentary

The Greasy Hands Preachers is a documentary sponsored by Belstaff that will surely please motorbike enthusiasts, especially those interested in custom-made speed machines. The Orlando Bloom credit (he is Executive Producer) is bound to give this film some extra media mileage, although the more obvious celebrity connection could have been Keanu Reeves, who co-founded The Arch Motorcycle Company, which specialises in tailor-made motorbikes. Perhaps Keanu was too busy having fun on his KRGT–1?



Filmed entirely on Super-16mm, directed by Clement Beauvais and produced by Arthur de Kersauson, who previously made the motorcycle-themed short, Long Live the Kings, this is ultimately a film about people driven by a passion for speciality bikes; in many cases, self-taught engineers who live and breathe the Easy Rider life (to a degree). Or at least the sun-dappled, scenic beach and desert scenes would have us believe.

THE GREASY HANDS PREACHERS – Trailer from Arthur & Clement on Vimeo.

The film is now available worldwide exclusively on Vimeo .

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