It’s a Berlin Thing

Image Above Courtesy of Michael Schoner 

I recently featured a few Berlin-based designers, from Materiologist, Sophie Rowley, to Fashion Designer, Nadine Goepfert. They both have similar aesthetics; clean, functional and, most importantly, thought-provoking. It’s an aesthetic I am obsessed with, as it’s one that constantly challenges and pushes design boundaries; taking an artisan approach to making. I wanted to showcase a few of FORM’s favourite Berlin designers, from the ceramicists, to the set designers and photographers.

Rimma Tchilingarian



I became familiar with Rimma Tchilingarian in 2014, as her approach to ceramics is quite unique. Working in porcelain, for this series she begins to challenge the conventional applications of this transcluent and white medium by giving it a face lift, so to speak. For this studio projects, she particularly wanted to em­pha­sise that por­ce­lain is a raw ma­te­ri­al, that can be expe­ri­enced and inter­pre­ted in dif­fer­ent ways, over and over again.

Tchillingarian describes her process by stating, “The white and smooth sur­face of porcelain invites us to apply colours and struc­tures to it. There­fore different ma­te­ri­als were added to the raw-mix­ture. For ex­am­ple, pa­per was used which in­cin­er­at­ed while burn­ing, leaving only the initial shape of the pa­per behind.” Not only do these vases encourage people to have a tactile, haptic moment, their form is exquisitely executed.

Jeppe Hein


Jeppe Hein is an artist based in Berlin, his interactive sculptures and installations combine elements of humour and the traditions of minimalism and concept art. Mainly working with the medium of glass, through reflections and  geometric mirrors, Hein challenges and encourages self reflection, even creating a giant “selfie” pendulum that allows you to see yours from a range of angles.


Ucon Acrobatics


Established in 2001, UCON Acrobatics prides themselves on “creating a brand with a vision, to develop a lifestyle brand that is anchored by creativity, quality tailoring, innovative appliqués and ethical production.” With a passion for the work of talented artists and the design community surrounding them, Jochen and Martin embraced collaborations to build a creative environment for the brand. From the brand’s studio in Berlin, its focus remains on bespoke fabrics, tailored cuts, and notable detailing. Inspired by their friends, the city they call home and the places they choose to travel, UCON Acrobatics S/S15 is a refreshing approach to fashion. I love the repetition in the look books and the contrast of textures.


 Michael Schoner 

Micheal Schoner _berlin _form_01
Image Courtesy of Micheal Schoner

Micheal Stoner is a Berlin-born, Amsterdam-based designer. The collection above, “Quetsch and Tube” are vases and carafes, squeezed together under heat to form a container and sealed of with epoxy resin. The result of Stoners exciting take on creating new forms using his trusted “basko” tool, makes your morning coffee seem ever more appealing.


Hello Me : Critical Objects


Hello Me : Critical Objects


Hello Me is a Berlin-based design studio creating ideas, art direction and design for art, culture and commerce. The series above is something I have reblogged and pinned endless times, and even though Critical Objects is over three years old now, it still is one of my favourite projects. Critical Objects is a series of items that balance on the border between functional furniture and sculptural form, without taking a definite position within either concept. Playing with a range of materials ‘Hello Me’ manage to “reinterpret the everyday objects and the rearrangement of their functional properties” and in doing so, the fundamental nature of the form is changed.

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Havaianas for Charity

Joseph Kadow

Joseph Kadow is a young photographer that has no specific brief. Treating his work as it comes, he showcases his surroundings and personal life in a way that leaves space for interpretation and an ability to create new narratives. I love the stark realness of Kadow’s work, he manages to create a portrayal of how the world and society function.

White Zinfandel Magazine

A biannual publication by W/—— Projects (“With Projects”), White Zinfandel, is devoted to the visual manifestation of food and culture, produced within the lives of creative individuals. Each issue is dedicated to a food ‘theme’ and is launched with a curated dinner conceptualised by a chef who also reacts to the issue’s theme. The dinner itself is an opportunity to create a more immersive artistic experience for the invited community of fine artists, writers, architects, curators and designers. There are range of food magazines out there, that I am always inspired by, and White Zinfandel is definitely up there with some of the best.

Rebecca Martin


Berlin-based, Set Designer, Prop Stylist and Art Director, Rebecca Martin, always creates tongue in cheek visuals and her series Morning Rituals is one of my favourites; portraying a playful representation of our daily, and at times, autonomous routines. Whether you’re an early riser, or a brunch type of person, these photographs juxtapose breakfast plates with quintessential daily props such as soap, newspapers and razors, reminding us to start our days with a touch of the unexpected.

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