Blooming Lovely


Left picture: Anna wears top, Toga. Skirt, Altewaisaome. Sonia wears bra stylist’s own. Skirt, Ann Sofie Back Right picture: Anna wears top, House of Had. Shirt, Sofie Ann Back. Jeans, Acne Studios. Sonia wears bustier stylists own. Trousers, Ann Sofie Back


Anna wears top, House of Had. Shirt, Sofie Ann Back. Jeans, Acne Studios. Sonia wears bustier stylists own. Trousers, Ann Sofie Back


Left picture: Sonia wears top, House of Holland. Skirt, Toga. Shoes, Dr Martens. Anna wears top, Eudon Choi. Shorts, House of Holland. Shoes, Purified. Right picture: Sonia wears dress, Carven. Shoes, Chiara Ferragni. Anna wears dress, M Missoni. Shoes, Senso


Sonia wears top, House of Holland. Skirt, Toga. Anna wears top, Eudon Choi. Shorts, House of Holland


Left picture: Sonia wears dress, Carven. Shoes,  Chiara Ferrigani. Anna wears dress,  M Missoni. Shoes, Senso. Right picture: Sonia wears jacket, Eudon Choi. Shirt, Equipment. Jeans, Hudson. Anna wears skirt by Eudon Choi. Shirt, Thomas Pink


Left picture: Sonia wears jacket, Eudon Choi. Shirt, Equipment. Jeans, Hudson. Shoes, Toga. Anna wear skirt, Eudon Choi. Shirt, Thomas Pink. Shoes, Paul Andrew Right picture: Sonia wears top, Karl Lagerfeld. Skirt, Ann Sofie Back, necktie stylists own. Anna wears dress, Sofie Ann Back, neck tie stylist’s own


Anna wears dress, Sofie Ann Back. Shoes Dr Martens and neck tie stylist’s own. Sonia wears top, Karl Lagerfeld. Skirt, Ann Sofie Back. Shoes,  Dr Martens, necktie stylists own



We got to know the charming Ukrainian twins Anna and Sonia, who together are the ‘dark pop’ duo Bloom Twins. We spent a day shooting them and met again to chat about all things cultural from Ellen Von Unwerth to Jeremy Paxton. Here is what they had to say…

What’s the best part of working together?

S: Well, because we know each other so well, we really can understand each other so well. It’s the twin thing you know, when we’re on stage I can really feel when she’s going to screw up! It’s so much fun to work together, we know each other well.

A: We’ve been together forever, ever since we were little we would always do everything together. I spent a week without her when she was going to Ukraine before me, I found it so weird. I kept thinking, it’s not noisy, there are no dishes to wash up, what’s wrong!

S: It felt good to me to be on my own!

A: Being alone in the house just felt weird.

S: But it’s good as we’re together again now.

How do you work with each other, how do you operate?

A: That’s a good question, because it’s really different all the time. When we first started we were writing together all the time, but then it changed a little bit. We might start separately but it always finishes together.

What are your biggest differences?

A: We’re such different characters

S: Everyone says it’s easy to tell us apart not because the way we look but because the way we speak and express ourselves. Body language- we’re so different. People say ‘oh you’re more crazy’ and ‘Anna, you’re more responsible’.

A: I don’t know, I think it depends on the situation. Sometimes you’re the more sensible one..but still we’re black and white. If she does something bad, I’m doing something good. Because I need to solve it! And the same thing with her, she helps me.

What do you think are each other’s strengths?

A: You can go first!

S: Ahh, see she does that. I will say something, then afterwards she will think about it and say something perfect. That’s your strength!

A: Even though something really bad can happen, I’ll be like “Ahh this is terrible..” she’ll be like “Nah! It’s ok” and that’s so helpful.

S: I would say you’re very responsible, solving everything. I’ll be like “We can do it!” but she will be the one thinking about it. The other thing is she’s very into creating sub sounds. Even if we just play with the flute and harmonica, she’ll be trying to find cool frequencies for sounds. Checking everything, playing, being crazy really!

A: I know the difference as well. It’s about our instruments. I can play just piano and electric key board but I go into that, discovering new sounds. But Sonia, she started to play the guitar a little bit, piano and flute so we can work with all of those, but not super deep into them.

S: I get so bored with every instrument and try to find another one. I’m crave new knowledge, new instruments. Today I’ll be learning flute, tomorrow harmonica, the next day guitar. Drums possibly! Though Anna’s into drums so she would kill me if I started that one too.

A: I’m just not going to let you!

When did you realise you both wanted to be musicians? 

S: It’s not like we realised, because it’s always been about music. We could sing before we could possibly talk, it was always about music, we kind of didn’t have a choice.

A: Our dad would play drums very early in the morning, everyone would get so annoyed. We would get up to Beatles songs, I would know all the words even though I didn’t speak English. I couldn’t have a conversation but could sing along to everything! I love The Beatles, which is one of the reasons we’re so happy to be here in London.

S: It was the biggest dream we ever had. I always wanted to sing but then when I was about 14 I decided I’d just sing for myself and not pursue it further. I looked around universities and realised that I was actually into maths. I was supposed to do that but then I was so lucky because we met Linka [the twins’ manager] in Ukraine. We started to talk about music, and how we can make it in Ukraine as singer. He said we should move to London, which we wanted to do.

In what way has your roots in Ukraine influenced your music?

S: It was good to grow up in Ukraine, working everyday for this. It’s easier when you know your dream is getting closer and closer. Ukraine really inspires us. It’s been a very hard time in Ukraine and we did a cover of a song to explain how we feel about the situation. It’s been such a big part of our lives.

A: We did a cover of a Bob Marley song and the video was real documentary footage to really show what we feel is going on there. There’s different stories on social media from Ukraine or Russia or even London so we wanted to do something to show what actually went on.

S: I would definitely say Ukraine is one of our main influences.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

S: The guy from One Republic, Ryan, he works with everyone. He writes incredible songs. I’m so into him, I saw him on stage and he’s just insane! I would love to write with him, that would be so incredible.

A: Same here, One Republic is very good. I would also love to collaborate with Adele. I also really like Sia.

S: She’s doing great right now!

A: Yeah I tried to copy her, and it was too hard! She’s very talented and her videos are insane.

What are each of your favourite shoots that you’ve worked on?

S: Italian Vogue with Ellen Von Unwerth! She was amaaaaaazing!

A: It was so good! I said to her, I like you a lot and we would like to sing for you. She said ‘Please do! I’ll take some pictures of that too’. So we started singing and she started crying! She said it was just so beautiful. She was so nice.

S: It’s great that someone can create so many things and be such a nice person at the same time.

A: After that it was her 60th birthday and she invited us, and then asked us to sing!

S: It was incredible. So that was definitely a good shoot!

A: I like working with you guys!

What one moment were you most excited about your career?

A: I have two moments!

S: There was when our visa got rejected. We’d been living here for 3 years and then went back to Ukraine and couldn’t come back for 6 months. It was so bad because for us, everything is based here in London. We can play gigs all around the world, but we need to come back to London. We had gone to see our parents and to renew our visas but when they were rejected we didn’t have a chance for an appeal. We had lawyers working on it, but although spending 6 months there was good as we saw our family, we can’t do music there. We’re working through the internet and it’s more difficult. Then Linka rang us and told us we could come back to London and there’s a great video of us like ‘YESS!!’ and we’re crying and all that.

A: So happy!

S: Then we got back and all the gigs, shoots and interviews started again, which is what we like! To be busy.

A: So yeah, same here! And the second one memory for me is, last April fools when Linka rang us and said that we have an interview on BBC News Night and we didn’t believe her! She was saying you’re going to be interviewed and play on stage, this is so cool… But then it was true and we were interviewed by Jeremy Paxton! It was so much fun and very exciting.

S: It was also incredible when we went to see Fleetwood Mac, and we went backstage and we started to talk to Mick Fleetwood. Incredible. We started to talk and our friend told him we sing so we all started to sing together! He asked us afterwards to take a picture with us.

A: The most recent amazing moment was Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran asked us if we would like to write some songs with him! We were like WOW. That was a really incredible experience. There was also the video we did with Unicef, lots of people are in it like Katy Perry etc. It was a huge thing. This was while we were still in Ukraine, we were so happy to get that email asking us to be in it.

S: Such a beautiful aim, to do something not just about music but also about children. Fantastic. So many things happening all the time, it’s so good to be back.

We really enjoyed getting to know the Bloom Twins, it was really refreshing to see such raw enthusiasm from these talented young musicians. We’re sure the future is full of even more exciting opportunities, we can’t wait to see Sonia and Anna flourish. +

STYLISTS: Cassie Walker & Hollie Clark
MAKEUP: Naomi Nishida
HAIR: Naomi Regan