Bobby Abley AW17 Show Review LCM
Meet Bobby’s Power Rangers

The Bobby Abley AW17 was a trip down memory lane through the eyes of a pop-culture geek. Call it fashion or call it childhood fantasy, this was a collection that took the designer’s playful aesthetic to new realms.

Inspired by The Power Rangers (yes, those karate kicking, colour-coded ‘kapow’ kings of the 90s). Bobby Abley made sure his catwalk didn’t deal in half measures. Instead it was a full on dress up extravaganza as is his wont. Let’s not forget, Bobby Abley AW16 drew inspiration from Brazil and Disney, with a drag queen Christina Aguilera lookalike thrown in for good measure.

Bobby Abley is known for his unique charm, wit and humour. He blends nostalgia from his childhood from Disney characters to Power Rangers this year. This lends his collections a certain nostalgia as well as powerful imagery. Abley launched his label in 2012 and receiving a place on the prestigious MAN catwalk for the inaugural LCM or London Collections : Men as it was previously known. Bobby Abley has been hailed as one to watch in London’s catalogue of contemporary designers. Bobby Abley’s unique take on nostalgia has led to his collections being sold across the international markets and a name to watch for in the growing world of mens fashion.

Bobby Abley AW17 collection was a masterstroke…

Because while it was fun and irreverent. It was also tame enough not to step to far into the world of gimmicky pop indulgence. There were some great sporty pieces such as the black and red tracksuit with dinosaur print. (Power Rangers had dino alter egos if you remember rightly). More marketable and grown-up perhaps were the sweatshirts, knits and neoprene joggers. These were emblazoned with a BA pattern that recalled diagrammatic DNA structures. As these loud ‘n’ proud rainbow coloured BA initials suggested, AW17 collection was about Bobby Abley. This was Abley’s boyhood dreams, his indubitable zest for life and his nostalgic noisy sentimentality. He’s not trying to change the world with his designs. But there was enough here to make us all dream a little less greedily and a little more optimistically. Simple but effective for a stand out LCM show.

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