The Burberry Show at London Fashion Week

It’s one of the most anticipated events on the  London Fashion Week Schedule and the Burberry show rarely fails to impress.

Indeed, the last show revealed a fashion brand that still has lots of creative energy and a desire to impress.
Burberry is hugely popular around the world so fashion buyers and fashion lovers alike love to attend the Burberry show at fashion week to see what the latest designs and creations are going to be.

In addition, Burberry has also been at the forefront of the trend for fashion lovers to buy the creations they see on the catwalk after the show and it’s been a popular move.

Along with Burberry in the ‘see now, buy now’ are the likes of Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger while other famous brands are also experimenting with various ready-to-buy products from the fashion showcases.

Burberry managed to create a stir with their collection at London’s fashion week

It would be no understatement to say the Burberry managed to create a stir with their spring/summer collection at London’s fashion week with a definite trendsetting range of creations.

They range from 30’s style patterned dressing gowns and pyjamas, sculpted shearlings and pink velvet dinner jackets to reflect a gender fluid world of fashion.

There is no doubt that the creations were warmly welcomed as being charismatic and eclectic but the praise was for what are essentially wearable clothes.
The prints, as well as the embroideries, had a palette that was appealing and soft and which worked well on women as well as men.

Alongside these, Burberry also created range of knitwear and outerwear that was equally strong with lots of impressive accessories too.

There was a lot to like from the creations and for those who want to wear trendsetting fashions as soon as possible, there was a lot to recommend them.

Indeed, some fashion watchers appreciated that some of those in the crowd for the catwalk shows were already wearing some of the latest designs that appeared as Burberry had prepared some small ranges for some outlets.

Awaiting the next Burberry show at London fashion week

With this trend setting move means fashion watchers will be awaiting the next Burberry show at London fashion week to see what the designers have come up with and whether other fashion labels decide to follow in their footsteps by offering their collections for immediate sale; it’s highly likely that they will do so.

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However, Burberry has a reputation for unveiling impressive and trendsetting designs and styles during its fashion week shows since this is something the label has done regularly in recent years and have gained a strong reputation for doing so.
It’s for this reason, and many others, that London fashion week is one of the leading events for the fashion industry around world and it’s not just about excellent design and eye-catching creations that make it a must visit event.

That’s because it is also an excellent platform for those wanting to make their name or to shake things up a little bit within the world of fashion – as the Burberry shows in London fashion week prove.