Camille Walala for Emporio Armani: A Double Helping of Pop

If you are unfamiliar with artist Camille Walala – whose melodic name serves as a prelude to her upbeat aesthetic – you need a day out in Shoreditch where her colourful geometric murals liven up the facades of otherwise dull brick buildings. Her simple pop art pieces are part Lichtenstein, part Legoland-inspired (so I think anyway) and are painted in bright primary colours and pretty pastels – shapes are typically contoured with bold black lines. Sometimes she peppers paintings with random little lines and dots, like giant ice cream sprinkles. As you can tell, Walala is an artist that makes you dream of good times. In biographical terms, Walala is inspired by the art of the Memphis Group, South Africa’s Ndebele tribe and op-art pioneer Victor Vasarely. Her work has brightened up venues and public spaces around the world from New York to Sydney – most recently she souped up the Vinyl Lounge in London’s Clerkenwell, turning the place into an eye-popping kinetic art disco (complete with glitter ball) as part of the London Design Festival.

This season the work of the French artist has met its match with Emporio Armani’s fall/winter 2016 accessories collection. The artist has created a series of specially commissioned backdrops for six suitably ‘pop’ inspired pieces, including a very glittery pair of pink midi heels. Each 3D tableau is a fun take on display with vibrant and rhythmic geometric shapes. No giant sprinkles this time, but happiness in every square, rectangle and monochrome straight line.

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