Beam Me Up for the Chanel AW17 Collection

Chanel AW17 Collection

Chanel showmanship is back! We’ve had the supermarket, the brasserie, the fun fair, the airport lounge and now the Parisian maison has gone intergalactic for its Chanel AW17 collection. It’s just the anecdotal uplift we needed when the world we’re in has gone to pot (mentioning no names Mr. President – oh, and the daunting upcoming French presidential elections!).

AW17 Chanel collection

Karl Lagerfeld never does things by halves and while some themes may seem gimmicky and OTT, the AW17 Chanel collection was full of optimism. Who doesn’t want to see a giant rocket taking off at the end of a catwalk show set to a David Bowie soundtrack?! Reviews have said that this was Karl’s vision of the future but look closely and there was a lot of retro-futurism here a la Barbarella thanks to silver quilted ‘space blanket’ shawls, silver leather trousers and those divine glitter boots (with contrasting toe tips bien sure!).

Jane Fonda is the eternal Space Babe so we are going with this reference rather than Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, plus there wasn’t a gorilla suit in sight here. Karl did marvellous things as usual with the theme: making tubular collars on tweed jackets inspired by space suits (you could imagine models just slotting on their helmets!). He used silver leather and shearling in abundance and more subtly cosmic patterns and colours on knitwear. A collective favourite at Something About were the pearly, embellished hairbands which were part storm trooper (with Alien backcombing on hair) part Duchess of York circa 1980. The dress that featured a black and white spaceman print will be one of those archive pieces that will fetch thousands in years to come, maybe when public space travel is freely available.

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AW17 Chanel collection

AW17 Chanel collection AW17 Chanel collection