Christopher Kane at London Fashion Week

On the London Fashion Week Schedule he is renowned for being anything but safe and conventional and the Christopher Kane show at London Fashion Week delivered on every level.

Held at the Tate Modern, the catwalk show presented to some of the biggest fashion watching names in the industry and chance to appreciate what was the showcasing of Kane’s eclectic creations.

Many of his designs referenced modern art with some dresses looking like a Jackson Pollock creation with lots of clashing patterns to help carry the impressive look.

Christopher Kane is also renowned for producing his LFW catwalk shows with a fashion twist to an everyday mundane piece of clothing; in the past he has used plastic overshoes and hats.

In the 2016 show, Kane decided to collaborate with shoemaker Crocs and created a range embellished with chunky gems.
However, the footwear did not detract from the catwalk show itself which managed to attract attention with dresses held together by metal hooks while other dresses had hooks that appeared to have no structural purpose and all the models wore impressive hats to offset the ensembles.

Kane catwalk show recreated a sense of the 1940s

For many fashion watchers, the Kane catwalk show recreated a sense of the 1940s in that the clothes and garments were either pieced together or mismatched; there were tabard dresses held together with black beaded fabric and metal rings, for instance.

The Kane collection also had cardigans which were worn off one shoulder and held together by loops while scribble pattern dresses which had a fur coat slung over them.

Christopher Kane also made use of white silk printed with old Polaroid images to create fluid dresses and there were lots of pencil skirts, glittery synthetics and coats with slashed elbows.

Fashion watchers were particularly impressed with the glittery items, for instance those with the 40s theme of a pleated skirt and a stylish blouse, along with trench coats with various coloured sections.

For many people, the Christopher Kane show at London Fashion Week in 2016 really did point the way for 2017’s fashion trends. Mr Kane is a highly-regarded fashion designer and, applauded by many for leading a revival of British high fashion which has won fans around the world.

Attractions for a Kane collection are the spirit and attitude

The main attractions for a Kane collection are the spirit and attitude as well as the aesthetic that reflect the brand so the clothes are identifiable and eye-catching.

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The result is that the Kane collection is now distributed in more than 30 countries and 150 leading retail outlets.
In early 2015, the Kane brand opened their first flagship store in London’s Mayfair and there are plans to open more.

Catwalk shows are an ideal platform for Christopher Kane and his creations and there’s a growing demand for his women’s ready to wear collections as well as those for menswear, leather goods and also pre-collections.

The Christopher Kane show at London fashion week is a hugely popular event and one that is always worth attending since there’s a good execution of fashion ideas and pointers to what the trends for the coming year will be; if fashion fans only get to visit one show in a popular week of showcases then the Kane show is probably the one to head for.