City of the Sun Interview & Exclusive New Song Premiere

City of the Sun Interview
City of the Sun Interview

City of the Sun Interview. City of the Sun is going back to basics. The Brooklyn-based instrumental post-rock trio, formed by guitarists John Pita, Avi Snow and percussionist Zach Para, doesn’t need all the lyrical trimmings to capture listeners. After launching their live LP and touring worldwide, City of the Sun has left a memorable mark among today’s artists. Something About met the trio in Brooklyn, New York. Here, the trio discusses their roots, global inspiration and a new record on the way – and we premiere their new track.

City of the Sun Interview
City of the Sun Interview Photographer: CJ Harvey

What were the foundations of City of the Sun? When did you decide to work together?

John: Back in 2013, the three of us got together and began busking in the streets of NYC. We were having a lot of fun and felt people were connecting to what we were doing, so we basically have kept at this for the last few years and things have kept growing organically; from busking to shows to touring.

Instrumental post-rock is a different landscape and many people have dubbed it the “genre-bending” sound. What made you gravitate towards this type of music?

John: We all love music that we can close our eyes to and let our minds wonder; a sound that conveys a story better than words can.

Global culture comes into play with your songs. What destinations and/or experiences have shaped your composition process?

Zach: We all come from different parts of the world and draw from all types of music. Along with what we were exposed to growing up – our experience moving to/living in New York has shaped our music drastically. Not only has this city provided many portals into musical traditions from around the world – it has also allowed us the connections to physically travel and experience these traditions first hand. Whether it’s hearing a second line band playing in the French Quarter, a solo guitarist on the streets of Barcelona, or just the sheer beauty of the Panamanian Jungle – traveling the world has been a huge inspiration.

City of the Sun Interview
City of the Sun Interview. Photogarpher: Yoyo Jiang

Since the release of your live LP, ‘to the sun and all the cities in between,’ you have earned top spots on major music charts and garnered over 500,000 mostly listeners on Spotify. What has this journey been like over the past year?

Avi: The journey has been crazy! We have been doing a bunch of touring and traveling this past year and don’t have any plans of slowing down. I feel like it’s only just beginning so it’s a really exciting time for us!

Brooklyn is your hometown. What do you find most distinguishable about the music scene there?

Zach: The scene in New York City is extremely vast. I feel like I’m always discovering a new band or meeting new musicians who change my perspective. Things always feel fresh here and there’s always so much to learn.

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I love your new track ‘Perfect Instance’. What’s it about?

John: We wrote this song when we were scoring a documentary called ” The C Word” – in this story a man has successfully battled and lived with cancer for almost 20 years after his doctor initially told him he only had a few months. Eventually his journey comes to an end, but his family celebrates the amazing person he was and the legacy he left behind.


Technology has changed the way people experience music today. What are your thoughts on this transformation?

Avi: I think it’s great that people are more connected and that it’s easier for artists to put their work out there and reach fans through social media. It allows for the world to be a smaller place and gives room for artists like ourselves who are doing something a bit less conventional to reach millions of people.

What do fans love the most about your music?

Avi: The thing that I hear most from people who like our music is they relate to the energy and emotion that we put in to it.

You have a new record coming out this month. Are there any other performances or projects in the works?

Zach: Yes! We are traveling abroad and are playing a few festivals in the next few months. We are also working on some live videos that are going to be really stripped down and organic. I think people will really like them.

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City of the Sun Interview. Photogarpher: Yoyo Jiang.

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