Daniel Arsham Adidas Originals

Daniel Arsham Adidas Originals 3

Daniel Arsham Adidas Originals – or, how an artist turns trainers into modern day relics. The founder of Snarkitecture – or snail architecture – is Brooklyn based collaborative Daniel Arsham. Arsham’s talent extends across fine art, architecture and performance. For his most recent work, Arsham has collaborated with Adidas Originals to complete a simplistic yet epochal trainer. Arsham’s Adidas sneaker reflects the artist’s pervious practice by exploring the past, present and future – seen best in the shoe’s silhouette. The trainer’s upper comes in pure ivory white, a clean colour choice in homage to Arsham work as a colour blind creative. Arsham has taken a significant interest in time and decay to create this design and contrasting textures include rugged frayed edging and an irregular rubber sole.

Arsham is said to make architecture do things it’s not meant to by “confusing and confounding our expectations of space and form”. Similarly, his minimalist sneaker hides a secret only known to few: when placed under ultraviolet light, the phrase ‘The past is present’ is illuminated. This is Arsham’s tribute to his short film Hourglass, released to underline Arsham’s concept. The last but not least Daniel Arsham Adidas Originals highlight is a leather patch is inscribed with a phone number. But whose number is it?

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Words: Tatiana Horsham