Darth Vader Walks for Nasir Mazhar

Star Wars mania may well have permeated London Collections Men, at least with one runway look at Victoria House during the Nasir Mazhar show (8.1.2016). See him saunter below…

Mazhar’s AW16 was decidedly more menacing (Phantom Menace – forgive is Nasir!) than his AW15 offering, thanks to bondage looks that veered on the futuristic sci-fi, slashed for some models (mainly the girls), while padding out others in full-on RoboCop bootcamp gear.

Darth Vader was given a bucket for a head, while another model sported techicolour dreads obscuring his vision, recalling 90s ravers. The guy that pulled the short straw had to wear a nappy style half mask. Whether or not Mazhar intended to shock is irrelevant, his was a collection that celebrated an unabashed delinquent spirit with some highly crafted engineered looks (see  the pleating on the military bomber below), which is what LCM – on day one especially – is all about.