David Guetta Big Launches Ibiza 2017

David Guetta Big 2017

David Guetta Big 2017 opened at Ushuaïa last night to rapturous applause. Unofficially, David Guetta Big could be the opening night for the whole Ibiza 2017 season, such is the pulling power of the man – and  his hold over the magical  Balearic island. In the 10 years or so since his Ibiza residency first began, David Guetta has seen his fanbase, musical influence and commercial pull to the island grow exponentially Such is his influence that not only is Guetta on the payroll of two of the island’s biggest clubs (Ushuaïa and Pacha), that it wouldn’t be surprising if Ibiza’s tourist board weren’t paying him too.

Last night was a tribute to his decade on the island, as he played a flurry of tunes from his Ibiza years. There was  ‘When Love Takes Over’, featuring Kelly Rowland through to Titanium near the end of his set. What was interesting though is that the bpm appears to have slowed right down and the night has moved from club night with the crowd dancing to a full on concert. The audience faces the stage and followes every movement on their mobile phones. When Something About interviewed David Guetta in Ibiza last year he stated that his intention in Ibiza is to make it more like a club.  ‘When you do a concert it’s really a concert, when you play to 100,000 people it’s a show. I’m still trying to interact a lot with the people but it’s a show with a level of production’.

If nothing else, David Guetta Big was a demonstration of the great producer’s flexibility as he ran through his playlist hit after hit – Trouble, Love is Gone, Starboy, Love Don’t Let me Go and a new slower tune 2U with Justin Bieber – which he described to the excited crowd as ‘the first time I’m going to play this track in Ibiza, it’s a special moment for me’ and Another life with Afrojack. Indeed Guetta is now the go to producer of our era, having worked with Bieber, Kelly Rowland, Daft Punk and Afrojack. His musical collaborations read like a who’s who of musical stars. Interspersed with his own tracks was a more ‘pop’ theme although he did also give huge credit to one of Ibiza’s previous megastars, Fat Boy Slim as he played several tracks including Where U is and Renegade Master. Guetta also isn’t scared to slow the beat as demonstrated by Ed Sheeran’s new tune ‘Shape of You’.

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In terms of production everything was huge;  from the actual stage to the giant soft drink cans and a group of oversized muscle boy dancers who joined David Guetta onstage.  The excited audience whirled an explosion of day go sticks as they throbbed to the beat. Last night David Guetta was Big in Ibiza and Ibiza is certainly Big for David Guetta.