Erdem at London Fashion Week

One of the big hits on the 2016 London Fashion Week Schedule was the Erdem show which had fashion lovers praising its darkly romantic overtones.

Erdem Moralioglu was born in Canada and his shows are renowned for their beauty and sense of drama; the show he staged at the 2016 London fashion week drew huge praise.

The clothes reflected the show’s nautical theme and were crafted in washed-out shades of silvery grey and blue with frocks covered in lots of lace, ruffles, velvet ribbons and frills.

Alongside these were little jackets complete with ribbon tie fastenings and worn with Edwardian style length skirts or flared trousers. There were also long gowns in lace and some dresses too.

The influence of history, particularly Napoleonic with ruched sleeves and high waists, made the entire collection stand out; Erdem’s use of off-the-shoulder dresses also points to summer 2017’s trend that will influence many other designers.
Fashion lovers really enjoy Erdem’s show at London fashion week

However, one reason fashion lovers really enjoy Erdem’s show, particularly at London fashion week, is the level of detail that his creations have.

For many fashion watchers, the creations are couture-like with little gemstones twinkling on brocade gowns and lots of intricate embroidery which are overlaid on delicate fabrics.

The London fashion week show is a great platform for a popular designer who appears to want every piece of clothing to look like the work of art though many think the show had a look of costumes for a TV period drama.
Erdem established his business in London in 2005 and as a ready to wear brand it has grown to become a popular choice for those wanting powerful and feminine creations.

The catwalk shows held in London fashion week reflect his choice to use experimental textiles along with detailed embroidery and vibrant prints; Erdem has received lots of accolades for creating delicate fashion with bold ideas.

Erdem’s shows at London fashion week provide a great platform for showcasing

Indeed, the Erdem shows at London fashion week provide a great platform for showcasing a collection that is then sold to more than 170 of the world’s most exclusive retailers including Selfridge’s, Barney’s New York and Harvey Nichols.
This means the best way for fashion lovers to get an idea of what the next season’s clothes will be like in some of the best stores will be to visit the designer’s show at London fashion week and be impressed with a dramatic showcasing of excellent creations that really do stand out from the crowd.

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Indeed, the events at London fashion week have helped to establish Erdem as a leading creator in the world of fashion and the brand opened a flagship store in Mayfair in London in the summer of 2015.

Tickets for Erdem’s shows at London fashion week are keenly sought after and for those who love fashion then they are well worth sourcing to enjoy a catwalk show that will linger in the memory as do the fashion creations.