Faustine Steinmetz AW17 Collection 009

Faustine Steinmetz menswear

Faustine Steinmetz AW17: The majority of the world rely on a good pair of jeans to get them through the day, whether that be a classic pair of skinny jeans, some flares or even a denim jacket. The bottom line is denim rules the wardrobe. Since launching her brand, young designer Faustine Steinmetz has been exploring and relishing in the possibilities of denim, a theme continued in her latest collection, which she described as “a textile study of how denim has been worn in different countries over the past 30 years”.

Faustine Steinmetz AW17 – ‘Collection 009’ – was presented at London Fashion Week at the Topshop show space where she gave her guests an insight into all the different pieces which have been inspired by all different parts of the world including; ‘Diamante embellished denim’ from Bogota, Columbia, ‘Classic used denim’ from Seattle, USA, a ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ from Vancouver, Canada (hint: it features a denim waistcoat!) and also ‘Treated Denim’ inspired by Tel Aviv, Israel. Steinmetz wanted the explore the idea that “although the characteristics that make up a pair of denim jeans always remain the same, the fabric treatments and the way the piece is worn can vary considerably from one place to another, according to the local culture”. The French-born designer has really proved to have a way with denim and has made what would seem un-wearable, wearable. For example, the diamante encrusted suit with white frayed hemlines, it shouldn’t work, but oh how it does! With a new take on the current un-hemmed/frayed hem denim trend it’s no surprise it caught the attention of so many.  Another stand out piece was of course the light washed double denim jacket and jeans that were completely covered with frayed white ‘yarn loops’ and styled with a leather belt to add some shape to the otherwise ‘man repellent’ look that fits in very well with the current oversized and masculine trend that the industry has adopted.

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Faustine Steinmetz AW17  took over  Topshop show space at the Tate where the collection was showcased with the models in ‘white boxes’ which the guests could walk around and admire the pieces and really get close enough to see the detailing, which she used to take up to a week to complete in her London Studio, yet by using traditional West African looms, will now only take her a few hours. Being so easy to style, being so timeless and overall being so chic, Steinmetz’s approach on her new collection will definitely be one to watch in the upcoming autumn/winter season. Maija Sicklin

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