Feeling Emoji ;-)

I think your clothes should represent your feelings, this way people would know how to act around you. Today i’m wearing black, so leave me alone. Or, today i’m wearing a pink sparkly skirt: i’m in the best mood ever! On second thoughts, my little theory really doesn’t work does it? We often wear black when we’re feeling damn hot and sexy. Forget the theory then and instead think about sending a txt without adding an emoji, it would look naked wouldn’t it?!

How to match your emojis and clothes! We have found the best matches, see what you think! This is a work in progress, expect more!

emoji blue top
Emoji blue top and Roksanda blue top
Pink emoji clutch X Pink Givenchy bag
Emoji pink clutch and Givenchy pink bag
Emoji red show and Prada red shoe
Emoji red shoe and Prada red shoe
Emoji girls - Red dress DVF, Pink dress Balenciaga
Emoji girls and DVF red dress and Balenciaga pink dress


Emoji green dress and Lanvin green dress
Emoji green dress and Lanvin green dress


Emoji pink girl, Pink top Balenciaga
Emoji pink girl and Balenciaga pink top



Totes emosh babes!