Fendi Tokyo: A New Monster Pop-Up

Fendi has opened a pop-up store in Tokyo and it’s not your average cobbled together temporary space either – it’s as good as an actual store, if not better. The #Fendiginza pop-up greets you with a huge sculpture by flower artist Azuma Makoto, an upside down tree with colourful balls of fluff instead of the expected cherry blossom, said to symbolise the transition of time. The uprooted tree could well reflect the provisional nature of the boutique, but whatever interpretation you assign it, it looks pretty awesome.

Fendi Ginza is a proper house of fun, with fur stools and even a fur charm mini truck, where you can pick your own initialled pompom. The Fendi monsters (in full on fur branded costumes) were there to greet customers at the opening launch, including one modelled on Karl Lagerfeld (apparently very huggable). Look at the miniature pink fur coat on the shelves – it’s simply adorable. A Barbie collaboration beckons here.