From New York To London
Coach Rexy & Pals Arrive In Covent Garden


In the week leading up to the much anticipated opening of Coach House on Regent Street, the American luxury lifestyle brand has invited a gaggle of its prehistoric mascots to set up home in Covent Garden on Earlham Street. Stationed close to historic Seven Dials, a large and decorated shipping container (huge Tyrannosaurus giving a much welcome hint from miles away) plays host to the dinosaur gang, lead by fun-loving Rexy. Her compatriots include Tricky the Triceratops, Steggy the Stegosaurus and our favourite – the very sanguine looking Woolly the Woolly Mammoth. In time for the gift-giving season, find all four docile beasts immortalised as part of the Coach Holiday 2016 collection; from leather zip wallets to key chains and coin cases. All leather accessories are made using the company’s celebrated glovetanned material.

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 10am – 8pm daily, Sunday 12am-6pm 4th November – 13th November






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