Giorgio Armani AW16: Don’t Miss The Beat

Giorgio Armani Menswear FW16-17_GA with models

The modern journeyman inspired the svelte, enigmatic figure of William Burroughs was the inspiration behind the AW16 Giorgio Armani menswear show. The most obvious tribute to the literary giant was the ‘Burroughs’ hat, but there was a hint of the funeral-esque thanks to dense blacks and blues, leather gloves and layered double-breasted suiting, echoing the complex mind of the seminal writer. References to his years in Tangier – ironically one of his most drug-addled, albeit creative, periods of his life – appeared as patches of whimsy thanks to ethnic textures and motifs on collars and cuffs. Other more gentle Beat Generation influences were guided by a strong sense of travel and freedom, with natural tones and looser, more fluid silhouettes notably with cashmere and alpaca weaves.

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