Handsome Conscience by Montesogno

As Montesogno celebrates its one-year anniversary, we take a closer look at a brand that actively champions sustainability, considered production and positive contributions; all three concerns that rank high in luxury brand’s discussions of contemporary values. Founded by Mungo Tennant in November 2014, Montesogno is a sustainable start up, backed by private investors. The brand’s leading objective is to offer protection to species in danger or perilously close extinction; a brand that champions the idea that ‘business and conservation don’t have to be enemies’.

Montesogno financially supports conservational animal causes by donating 10% of the production costs of every item to the animal that originally inspired its design. In short, think zebra prints that do much more than pay homage to the animal’s monochrome stripes. At the moment, the three charities Montesogno supports are The Snow Leopard Trust, which utilises advanced sound science in its effort to support the animal, UK based The Whitley Fund for Nature and the 1826 founded Zoological Society of London. Using choice fabrics and artist’s Sophie Dunster’s designs, Montesogno above all stands as proof that responsibility can be utterly desirable.

Bateleur Throw, brownTake for example the Wolf modal scarf, entirely made in Italy by carefully selected manufacturers. Dunster’s captivating image of this lupine beauty set against autumnal colours and motifs, makes for a striking accessory that also ensures that this fairytale creature may roam dark forests a little longer.

In addition to the European wolf, the two other species supported in the AW15 collection are the Snow Leopard and the Bateleur – a a silver winged eagle at home in Africa’s skies, sadly placed on the Near-Threatened IUCN Red List. The rare bird can be seen most beautifully on Montesogno’s cashmere and merino wool throws, which are available in two sizes and three colour variants.

Collaborating with environmentally conscious production companies, the 100% Superfine Merino yarn is not just soft to touch but can traced back to individual flocks in Australia, while the dyeing procedures adhere to strict standards. A selective approach to producers and raw material alike applies to all of Montesogno’s products: knits are made in their traditional home Scotland using renewable supplier Good Energy, while London made T-shirts (the dark blue collage-style of said Snow Leopard being a firm favourite) use a special Fairtrade organic bamboo-cotton mix, silkscreened with water-based ink.

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Alex Mullins

While supporting endangered species, it’s worth noting that Montesogno’s production also does much to aide to survival or artisanal skills and UK manufacture. Silk scarfs are created in London, their delicate fabric rolled by hand. What could be better than warding off the swiftly approaching winter chills bundled up in Montesogno’s attractive Bataleur Merino travel blanket and matching bobble hat? This environmentally sound investment is as luxurious as it gets.

Words by: Felix Bischof