Hedi Slimane’s Tribute to David Bowie

Let’s step back from the gossip circulating about Hedi Slimane’s rumoured rupture with Saint Laurent for a moment (apparently he could be moving on from the Paris fashion house and replaced by Anthony Vaccarello).

Appreciate instead the pictures that Slimane has posted on his own website this week in honour of the late David Bowie. The designer has consistently named-checked Bowie as his greatest fashion inspiration, famously commenting, “I was literally born with a David Bowie album in my hand”. Indeed, his SS14 men’s collection was a direct tribute to The White Duke. In 2002, Bowie presented the designer with his CFDA menswear award and Slimane subsequently went on to dress him for a number of his tours.

Taken as part of his Stage book project released in 2004 (photographic collaborations with musicians), the photos explore a semiotic approach to the art of live music-making, offering portraits of Bowie from the angle of a fan in the mosh pit, as well as irreverent images of his song lists, dressing room and microphone – glimpses into a secret world that now seem suspended in time.

It’s a silent and moving gesture celebrating one of the most experimental artists the world has ever known. On his website homepage, Slimane has also republished still lives of Bowie’s stagewear. Platform boots, close-ups of fabrics and stitching take on new significance; they celebrate the finer details of a man whose legacy is so great, that we are in danger of thinking of him as a star-bound deity instead of an ever-inquisitive journeyman who set his own rules amongst us. He may have toyed with the idea of being an extra-terrestrial but Bowie was always grounded no matter what adventure he chose to explore.

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