Hermès: Emotional Lexicon

While we still spend far too much time on Hermès’ menswear dedicated website Man’ifeste; clicking away happily, learning lessons that are as valuable as they are chic (think steps of complicated dances), the Parisian brand, founded in 1837, has created an equally whimsical follow up. Launching today (09.10.2015), Hermèsistible is devoted entirely to the house’s much cherished fashion jewellery and accessories, starting with the Autumn Winter 2015 collection.


The new website places items such as the signature enamel bracelets – a currently available print reminds us of Hermès neat equestrian legacy in signature orange – in visually immersive stories. These narratives are inspired by words that seem to describe so much, yet of which we know so little! Think sentiments such as: ‘fleeting jealousy’ or a ‘rush of madness’. Of course, Hermès being picture book Parisian, the website’s vocabulary lists ‘Escapitude and ‘Impulcie’.

A preview of Hermèsistible has already sparked our excitement. Penned in back ink on yellow paper, a staccato typewriter explains ‘jalousie’ as ‘a spark of envy in a shade of green’, what follows is a fatal hand game of Rock-paper-scissors, with the looser handing over said enamel bracelet to the adversary. Another short story focuses on an elegantly turned out couple (we assume) enjoying lunch at a pretty French bistro. A ‘sudden impulcie’ is thus visualised, as the moment we realise we should have ordered differently, in this case Croque Monsieur instead of wholesome salad.

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Words by: Felix Bischof