Ibiza Rocks Book Anthology Launches

Ibiza Rocks Book

Yesterday afternoon, in the searing Balearic heat the Ibiza Rocks book anthology was launched. A compilation of the best acts to have played at the venue since it was conceptualised in 2005. The pictures were all shot by bohemian photographer Jerome Ferriere. Ferriere is a man ‘renowned for being at every party with a drink in his hand since Dawn and Andy McKay met him soon after they arrived in Ibiza in 1994’, according to Dawn’s personal recollections. Meeting Dawn Hindle today, she described the success of the book and what it means to her.

“We partied hard, we partied some more…and then we moved on. The four to the floor beat that had shaped the island eventually felt tired and we decided to slap it in the face, throwing something into the mix that at the time was alien and unexpected…we wanted to make Ibiza Rock! Our Ibiza Rocks family started in 2005, grown out of irreverent clubbing and hedonism.”

Dawn told us that the Ibiza Rocks book celebrates,  “Six years of taking photographs of all the bands and the DJ’s and the people who have been through our hotel people like Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs….”

Ibiza rocks Book – A Who’s Who of Rock n’ Roll

Ibiza Rocks Book reads like a Who’s Who of British Rock and Roll Greats. Not only does it feature established acts like Madness to New Order but also  a snarling Liam Gallaghe. He was followed just one year later by his ex Nicole Appleton and her girl band All Saints. Ibiza’s answer to hip hop aka Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah have appeared here so often that they’re now a part of the furniture. Whilst many huge acts now made early appearances at Ibiza Rocks. Who can forget the early appearance of Ed Sheeran before he was known playing with his acoustic guitar in the Ibiza Rocks bar. Thousands now claim they were there, in reality it was a few hundred. Other, now big names made some of their earliest appearances here from Ellie Goulding, Haim and Wolf Alice.

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Who could forget last years Summer Storming set by Dizzee Rascal or the stomping anthem numbers of Madness. They played several Summers ago soon after rocking the Queen at her Golden Jubilee. At Ibiza Rocks they were rocking Ibiza from dads to the trendies. Most of the bands that play here in fact liken it to a festival vibe. Hence their enthusiasm and why they continue playing here year after year.

Available at www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk RRP £50

Ibiza Rocks Book Ibiza Rocks Book Ibiza Rocks Book Ibiza Rocks Book Ibiza Rocks Book