The Internet Age Media Weekend

Shouting its message in Yves Klein Blue, The Internet Age Media Weekend promised to celebrate “the ecosystem that is shaping the future of design, fashion, technology, visual arts and music, from a media perspective.” Held in Barcelona from the 20th to the 22nd of March, the weekend brought together an impressive array of speakers including Alex Bec, Director of the creative platform, ‘It’s Nice That,’ Jeff Hamada of art blog ‘Booooooom!’ and Vimeo Curator, Ian Durkin.

Focusing on the theme of evolution, the panelists explored questions about media fragmentation, content curation and the rise of niche communication.  With 320 influential online publications, agencies, brands and media people involved, co-curators Andres Colmenares and Lucy Rojas describe this event as showcasing the “internet as more than tech: it’s a way of life.” Although the event is in its infancy, Internet Age Media Weekend has had another three years confirmed, so I’m excited to see how this event will grow.

Georgina Santiago, of online trend forecasting site, The INSPIRATION PROVIDER, was asked to create a installation to illustrate the ethos of the festival. I spent a few moments with Georgina talking about her involvement in such a unique and exciting project…

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Hi Georgina, how did this collaboration come about ? 

The festival came to us with the idea of some kind of collaboration, and as an independent and innovative internet media agent, we were already looking to collaborate with the amazing event. It was a pleasure, and actually it was Andrés and Lucy, the co-founders of the festival, who came up with the idea of creating a moodboard for ‘real life,’ so we decided to expand it to the four senses: the only thing a screen can’t yet do. We found the concept of the event so interesting and on side with the philosophy behind The Inspiration Provider.

What led you to curate this “four senses mood board”?

To create the boards we gathered interesting creations from all fields that interact, or encourage their own dialogue between them. The event was created to physically bring like-minded people together, who normally only communicate via internet. It was key for us to translate our digital work to the physical world and bring the inspiration back to reality where everything actually came from. The internet is our channel, but we usually speak about material, textures and colour, which are not digital qualities actually.

Four sense mood board in curation with Preforma Design

How was it collaborating with a mixture of individuals, especially Preforma?

It has been a really amazing collaboration experience with Preforma Design Studio. I contacted them because I thought the installation was a really nice opportunity to get more creative minds involved. I started thinking about creating a more immersive experience for a kind of a window display idea. I decided to collaborate with product designers, Preforma Design, to create a more flexible piece, one that could be filled up with any other mood, any other inspiration, so it reflected the website itself. We are hoping to turn the piece around with different moodboards inside too; this is our next step.

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Four sense moodboard curated by Georgina Santiago

What is the significance of Klein Blue in the moodboards?

It was actually when the festival’s designer explained his reason for using the colour: it symbolises the internet and more specifically the blue that is used for hyperlinks. I found it so clever! So, when I started working out the colour palette, I wanted to emphasise the the concept of the blurred boundaries between a digital and a physical world; I decided to use the Klein Blue for its power of light. The pure pigment, the real Klein Blue looks more like a RGB colour. And the whole colour palette was created around the blue.

Four sense moodboard curated by Georgina Santiago

What do you think the future holds for next IAM Weekend?

I think IAM has been an amazing experience for all of those involved, speakers included. We all have had interesting conversations about how internet is changing our way of communicating and how we create; a lot of people spoke about how important this collaboration is nowadays; the idea of working together, fluid teams tailored for each project, as well as the need to pursue self-initiated side-projects. I think this is exactly what The Inspiration Providers is about. It is our philosophy, we really believe in it, and I am sure IAM is just embarking on this journey too: What the whole community is doing is really powerful.

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