Interview: Éditions MR
A different interpretation of a Parisian

“We thought there was a different interpretation of a Parisian Lifestyle”


Who are Éditions MR

Éditions MR duo Mathieu de Ménonville and Rémi de Laquintane have been friends for a long time. Since 2009, the enigmatic  pair have also been collaborating in a professional capacity, launching menswear brand Melindagloss from their shared flat on scenic rue du Bouloi. Back then, both had just earned their Philosophy degrees at university, a field of study that has influenced their work to this day. As de Ménonville explained last November, “Philosophy has an impact on the way we understand our brand. In a sense, both fashion and philosophy are aesthetic attempts, intentions to create new ways of life.” In life imitating art, the duo’s brand has recently gone through a period of renewal too, when Melindagloss became the equally evocatively titled Éditions MR.

Like Melindagloss, Éditions MR is de Ménonville and de Laquintane’s suave take on the quintessential Parisian wardrobe; garments designed in the French capital and sent out into the world to spread that particular non-chalance far and wide. For next autumn, this tightly edited selection includes sportif fur lined suede bombers and double-breasted blazers with dressing gown lapels. Military parkas are belted loosely over tailored trousers, their fabric an elegant wool in windowpane check. A draped beige coat is slung just so over turtlenecks and velvet tops, ready for walks in the Bois de Boulogne.

Here, the Gallic twosome explains their new brand, disrupting the traditional French fashion system and how to dress for days spent holed up in hotel rooms.

Éditions MR duo talk Melindagloss and dressing gowns



You have worked as a duo since 2009; but how did you first meet?

Éditions MR “ We have known each other for over 15 years. We had friends in common, and our families knew each other. As teenagers we would travel and study together. During a summer in Shanghai we decided to created Editions MR – at the time called Melindagloss. “

That’s when I first interviewed you, as Melindagloss. Is Éditions MR a new beginning or more of a refocus?

Éditions MR “It’s a little bit of both. Melindagloss has evolved through the years. The name was somehow poetic, décalé [off the wall] and this is why we liked it. With the growth of the brand we needed to clarify the message. Editions MR is the outcome of the refocus. We aim to edit a men’s contemporary wardrobe with a touch of Parisian nonchalance. Garments made of beautiful fabrics, but meant to be treated without too much care, for a man with a rugged attitude. Pieces correspond to moments of life; they have a function and tell real stories. Although our main focus is and will always be fashion, we like to bring a certain lifestyle into it: cognac, culture and travel are part of it as collections are a narration of real moments.”

When we last spoke, you said that ‘How we present a collection is for us almost as important as the collection itself. We always try to recreate a scene, catch a moment, and share a memory’. Is that still the case?

Éditions MR “It is still the case. Any event is an opportunity to make a collection alive, like a short movie. When creating a collection we always think about a short story inspired by the everyday life, sometimes with a kernel of fantasy. Last season we decided to change this presentation format, but still with the same intention to provide a narrative setting to our products. The collection tells the story of a man who lives in a hotel in Paris.”

In hotel room number 42?

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Éditions MR “A year ago we launched a new online editorial platform called Chambre 42, made of stories, inspirations and video interviews we conduct in the room 42 of Hotel La Lousiane in Saint Germain des Près. It is a rundown hotel that had inspiring guests: Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir for five years, Cossery lived there of 25 years. Hemingway, Burroughs, Keith Haring. The hotel was managed by a friend and each of us have lived there at some period of our lives. So we decided to conduct our interviews there, to meet our guests in the intimacy of a room with a glass of cognac tonic. When preparing the first interview there, we started to think about the ideal wardrobe of a man who would live in that room.”

He would probably wear one of the beautiful dressing robe coats!

Éditions MR “Thank you. They are the coats you would throw on your shoulder when leaving your bedroom to go to the bar with a carefree attitude, barefoot on your slippers. Long and slightly oversize. They are a kind of bath robe made for the outside.”

Do emerging brands, such as your own, change what Paris fashion is known for?

Éditions MR “I hope we bring a little something to the Parisian scene. I believe high-end, well-established Parisian brands fail to talk to our generation. I personally often find them pretentious. When we started Éditions MR, we were in Shanghai and saw how Paris was exporting itself in China. This Paris was not ours, and we thought there was room for a different interpretation of a Parisian lifestyle.”

What has Éditions MR planned for 2016?

Éditions MR “We are working on a double pop up store at Le Bon Marché in September, during its annual exhibition. This year, the theme is Paris. The pop up will then travel to Japan (Biotop) and Korea, in collaboration with Samsung. We are also thinking of opening stores abroad for 2017.”

Speaking of stores, what happened to 9,rue Madame?

Éditions MR “It is still there and working well. We renovated the basement; it used to be a bank and we kept the vaults, installed a piano and host small casual events there.”

STORY BY: Felix Bischof

PICTURES: Courtesy of Éditions MR

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