J.W.Anderson X Larry Clark

J.W.Anderson and Larry Clark have collaborated on a book that features J.W.Anderson men’s and women’s wear and the cast of Clark’s new film, The Smell of Us,

Watching the trailer for The Smell of Us, it’s clear that this movie all the hallmarks Clark’s thought-provoking and subversive unpicking of youth culture. And that’s me viewing it in French. 


Clark is perhaps most famous for his 1995 film Kids and Bully in 2001, which like The Smell of Us, depict young people (quite often underage) drinking, smoking and having sex. The films are challenging and also strikingly relatable, terms which could also be used to describe J.W.Anderson’s designs.

Jonathan Anderson, a British born and trained designer, has arguably become one of the most influential and sought-after designers on the London Fashion Week schedule. His popularity was pretty stratospheric and having wowed the industry so much in so little time, he was crowned Creative Director of Spanish leather label Loewe in 2013, breathing new life in to the brand. Anderson has a knack for designing garments that you never knew you wanted, that suddenly become ultimate objects of desire. 


Combining the two very different creative forces was a brilliant idea, and one that was unsurprisingly engineered by Anderson himself, following an interview with Document Journal. The US publication asked him who he’d like to collaborate with for an editorial in the magazine, and he said Larry Clark. And just like that, the book, also titled The Smell of Us, was conceived. Clark photographed the cast of the movie in Paris, mooching around in Anderson’s pre-fall men’s and women’s wear collections. There was no stylist, instead the cast were encouraged to rifle through the collection and choose the pieces they wanted to wear. The results are real and raw. 

Hollie and I both love this collaboration. Clark and Anderson are a great pairing and the collaborative images have an unabashed honesty about them that skirts the provocative, They’re accessibility makes them all the more poignant and arresting. I’m looking forward to watching the film, albeit with subtitles…

Cassie x

All images: Style.com