James Hersey Interview

James Hersey Interview
James Hersey Interview

James Hersey Interview. In a digital age, musician and singer James Hersey is encouraging people to re-evaluate and fall back in love with the physical world. After racking up over 129 million streams with summer anthem ‘Coming Over’ and climbing up the Spotify Global Charts in the U.S., U.K. and other nations with hit track ‘Miss You’, Hersey is taking aim at the music scene with another masterpiece. Launched on May 5, Hersey’s new EP ‘Pages’ taps into the virtual-yet-raw reality of humanity today with chill beats and unapologetic lyrics. Here, Hersey talks about his adventures, future projects and co-existing with our emotions in a high-tech environment.

James Hersey Interview

When did you decide to pursue a music? What do you love the most about it?

 James: I studied jazz guitar after high school, and made the decision when I got my first song on local radio. I love to play acoustic sessions! Your songs have this incredible upbeat, yet mellow vibe.

Were there any experiences or places that inspired your songwriting process?

James: My personal experiences and observations of interpersonal connections are the inspiration for most of the songs. I like to write about love because it’s complicated, and I want to help figure it out for all of us.

Since its debut last fall, ‘Miss You’ has generated more than 76 million streams and climbed up the Spotify Global Charts internationally. What makes the message of this song universally appealing?

James: I think there’s a lot of second-guessing in relationships right now, and the questions I ask in the verses are on point for a big audience.

Speaking of new music, you recently launched your debut EP ‘Pages’. Can you tell me more about the new album?

James: Pages is a view into my life, and an exploration of different production styles. I listen to a lot of different music – check the JH Shuffle Mix on Spotify for my inspirations – so there’s no limit to what I’m willing to try in the future.

This year, you performed at a variety of music events, including Coachella, the Nylon Music Tour and SXSW. Are there any other festivals you would like to headline in the future?

James: Two festivals that I’d love to play with my own band are Lollapalooza and Coachella. Both of those I’ve only played with my collaborators Dillon Francis and Kygo!

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Millions of fans follow you on music platforms, including Spotify. How have these digital hubs helped you and other musicians take off globally?

James: It’s great that we can reach pretty much anyone on the planet through the internet. It means that any artist can find their audience somewhere out there. It makes the competition harder, but also gives hope to anyone with a dream in music.

Music leaves different impressions on everyone. What do you hope your audiences walk away with when they see you live or listen to your songs remotely?

James: I want to give people confidence in their own emotions. I think the world would be a better place if everyone were more candid about how they feel.

What’s next on your journey? Are there any collaborations or side projects in the works?

James: I have a couple collaborations coming out hopefully soon, yes – unfortunately can’t say more on that here. Otherwise I’ve written all the songs for my next EP, to be released before the end of this year – I’ll be spending my summer recording those!

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James Hersey Interview
James Hersey Interview