Julian Jordan Blinded by the Light Interview

Julian Jordan Blinded by the Light Interview 1
Julian Jordan Blinded by the Light Interview 1

Julian Jordan Blinded by the Light Interview. Dutch DJ Julian Jordan produced his first tracks as a young teenager, using the computer software his dad had stumbled upon. Fast forward to 2017, and Jordan has become one of the leading EDM stars, aged just 21. Something About met Julien Jordan in Ibiza, where he makes crowds of  thousands dance every night, as part of Martin Garrix‘ sell-out residencies at Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza . Garrix and Jordan first met at school and became fast friends, today both are DJ wunderkinds leading a young wave of EDM talents.


How do you cope with being on the road all the time?

Julian Jordan: Every time I go on tour, there’s a button I switch. You’re not going to sleep a lot, notgoing to do a lot of sight-seeing. You’re just in the hotel all the time. There’s like a button I switch off. It’s really strange, it all goes by like really fast. I always like the US because the shows over there are good, they have good clubs, cities are always good, like western cities, you can go everywhere. I like the US a lot.

Where about?

Julian Jordan: Las Vegas. It’s good for two days, then you have to leave. I like the clubs over there and the whole atmosphere.  I always end up spending a lot of money on clothing because everything I do there is just walking around the malls.

You like your clothes? 

Julian Jordan: Yeah, I do. These are actually the jeans I designed with CHASIN’. It’s pretty cool, we did this one together. I like it when I rip my jeans, they weren’t ripped in the first place, I like it when a jean is worn a lot. I wear them until they can’t go anymore then I buy a new pair. CHASIN’, it’s a dutch brand, it’s pretty popular in Holland but outside of Holland… It’s good for The Netherlands, for the Dutch market.


Tell me about you about how you came through, how you were discovered, where you came from? 

Julian Jordan: I actually started as a 12 year old listening to music, my brother showed me a lot of electronic music. I was always into music, I was drumming when I was five years old. I listened to a lot of electronic music like The Prodigy, Daft Punk  – all those kind of electronic acts. I liked it so much, even back then when I was 12, I started saving money for a DJ set. I bought a DJ set and I thought DJs make music on those sets, but it wasn’t that way… I always wanted to create. I wanted to make stuff, designs, art work, I was always really creative in that way. I also wanted to created my own music, so I asked my father what do I have to do to make music. He said “Go out and explore the internet.” I didn’t know what do, my father one day gave me the Studio software. He was like “I just found something that might be interesting for you, here you go, go on make music.” From that time on I’ve been in the studio, just always making music. In the beginning it doesn’t sound like anything cool but after two years of practicing and not giving up I started to create my own sound and started to create more music that for me sounded good. So I started uploading it onto the internet, social media, sound cloud everything. Until, actually, someone sent me an email called Spinning Records, and they said we are really interested to sign you as an artist. Can you send us this track they found on Soundcloud and we are going to release it. So it was like, yeah sure.  I heard nothing for four weeks. After four weeks, the track was number 4 or 5 on Beatport and it was as another artist released on another label. I was like, this is my track, it’s been stolen! Someone actually hacked Spinning Records email and at the end I thought it was Spinning Records, they hacked the direct email and ripped off my track.

Julian Jordan Blinded by the Light Interview 2
Julian Jordan Blinded by the Light Interview

Do you prefer making music as a producer or DJ?

Julian Jordan: I don’t know actually…When I produce music I always think about how it sounds live, I always want to test it out live. So I think I couldn’t do it with DJing. I like to create stuff, I like to tour so I think it’s 50/50.  I think it’s really important to remake and make your own style profile. It’s not about how many followers, but how many true fans you have, thats the most important thing.  I think it’s important to gauge fans by the way you are, be yourself create your own profile and create your own sound. If you like it you are always going to have people who like it as well. Those are the real people who like you for who you are thats the most important thing, bring something thats not there already. If they can be a fan of you, they can be a fan of a lot of other artists, I think you have to be unique to have something people can be a fan of.

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EMD is really big with Dutch artists at the moment.

Julian Jordan: Yeah, I always get the question; how is it possible everyone is always Dutch on the EDM scene, I’m like, I never have an answer for that one. I’m just like, I just can’t really, I don’t know… Why, I don’t know really, maybe it’s in the culture, always had a lot of festivals in our country, we really started with electronic music, with electronic festivals like really early, but I don’t know if that’s it.

 I know you are friends with Martin Garrix, I guess you get compared to him a lot.

Julian Jordan: Yeah, it’s like when we started we looked like brothers almost. We both changed a lot but, a few years ago, it was crazy how much people… I was playing before in Mexico and some people thought he’d already played a set because I was playing. We went to the same school, in the same class actually. We worked together most of the time. He’s really busy, I’m really busy so we see each other now and then.

It seems to have changed a lot in the last few years.

Julian Jordan: Yeah, really changed. I can see why. You have to have it for all the young party people, that kinda of island, and when you don’t have those kind of people coming that’s a problem. That can happen in Vegas with some clubs, they were too VIPish, they really grew, they saw it like going down and some clubs do really well with it. There was this club called Lavo who actually saw it coming and were like, quit right now, because it’s going to be worse, too VIPish. This is nice right now but there’s a point when it’s too expensive for people.

What’s next for you?

Julian Jordan: Two days with my girlfriend, then one week of touring again, then I have a week off to clear my mind before I go back on tour again, recharging. Actually, a lot of touring this summer, as well to the US, it’s good, good shows, great festivals, good crowds. I looking forward to it. The schedules are pretty good, I have really good schedules right now, pretty happy. I’m working on a lot of music right now. Dropping a track on Friday as well, it’s called Chinook, and I’ve been in the studio all winter actually, been working a lot before the summer because it’s really hard to combine touring and producing in summer especially. Been working in the winter a lot, so I made like a stack of music, been working with song writers, really talented singers. There’s some cross over tracks as well, so it’s looking good. I’m really excited for the future of my releases. Music wise I’m just doing my own thing, and don’t think about hype so much because you need to create something.

Where do you want to be in a year, 2 years, 3 years time, what’s the vision?

Julian Jordan: I actually enjoy what I’m doing already, like what I’m doing right now, the life, the touring. The combination between my life and my private life is perfect right now, so I really like it. After 2 years, I hope even bigger crowds, I really want to do a stadium, that would be really sick. It could happen in 1, 2, maybe 10 years.

Julian Jordan Blinded by the Light Interview by: Ian Thorley