London Fashion Week 2015 schedule


There was another packed schedule for fashionistas attending London Fashion Week 2015 with lots to do and see.
There was the usual slew of household designer names staging catwalk shows for their latest collections and they once again proved popular for the live streaming of events to a worldwide audience in 190 countries.
Among those who used the streaming service were Alexander McQueen, Zoe Jordan and Hunter.
The live streaming service also offered celebrity interviews and daily highlights along with the first of London Fashion Week’s talk.
This is on top of a busy schedule of events and among the catwalk highlights for the 2015 fashion week included Nina Naustdal and the very popular collection and shows from CJ Yao and Michael van der Ham.
London Fashion Week is not just about household names
However, London Fashion Week is not just about household names and established designers, it is also about helping relatively new designers to become more famous such as Marques Almeida which has been launched by Paulo Almeida and Marta Marques.
Unlike many fashion designers who go with current trends, this duo are known for their special denim creations where they have innovative variations on the popular material. It’s more than simply jeans wear and their clothes have an effortless, cool appearance.
Along with them, there’s also Indian designer Ashish Gupta who presented a showcase of extravagant clothes including lace underwear, shiny red boots, red camisoles and camouflage coats.
These collections were not just unveiled in the usual venues, there was also a pop-up tent for some of them while growing numbers are also staging their shows in supporting retail outlets as well as hotels, bars and restaurants.
Fashion Week saw a wider range of businesses supporting designers
London Fashion Week saw a wider range of businesses supporting designers and the UK’s fashion industry.
The busy schedule has also seen a tie-up with the new womenswear tradeshow called Scoop London and with transport laid on, those attending the Fashion Week events could also access events at the Scoop showrooms for free.
Along with the jewellery showcasing event known as Rock Vault 2015, Fashion Week also played host to the British Fashion Council’s millinery initiative called Hedonism 2015.
During this, attendees got to enjoy a space that was curated by Stephen Jones to the best from various designers including Sophie Beale, Keely Hunter and Emma Yeo.
For those who could spare the time in the hectic timetable, there was also the outdoor cinema which was showing the live streaming of catwalk shows as well as a bespoke pop-up cafe featuring specially designed coffee cups.
Stores now get behind the event
Lots of stores now get behind the event, indeed banks and non-fashion stores were providing literature and have shop window displays promoting the event throughout the week.
For those who really love fashion, there were talks from speakers such as Zandra Rhodes and Peter Pilotto along with other guest speakers from around the fashion industry.
London Fashion Week 2015 illustrates that there’s no doubt that the event is going from strength to strength which leaves many fashion watchers to wonder just how organisers can top a hectic timetable of excellent events and attractions in future years.