Louis Vuitton Perfume and Léa Seydoux
All You Need To Know About Louis Vuitton’s Scent Debut


“Louis Vuitton is about travel, but it’s also about dreams. Its spirit blends adventure, discovery and emotion,” says actress Léa Seydoux. Seydoux, fronting the seven new Louis Vuitton Les Parfums, stands in front of the cascading Lone Creek Falls in South Africa, where photographer Patrick Demarchelier captured her dewy skin and and the purity of her surroundings. It is about an emotional journey as well as voyage. The scents – Rose des Vents, Turbulences, Dans la Peau, Apogée, Contre Moi, Matière Noire and Mille Feux – capture the essence of Louis Vuitton with each of the olfactory journeys.

Louis Vuitton worked with parfumeur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud (responsible for L’Eau d’Issey, Lancome’s Poeme and Stella by Stella McCartney) to develop their fragrances in their atelier, Les Fontaines Parfumées, in Grasse. The new Louis Vuitton olfactory has a scented fountain which since the 1920’s allowed visitors to fill their own perfume bottles. Grasse is the world’s perfume capital with the picturesque French Riveria scene being home to the floral and fauna that inspired the scents. Turbulence transports you to Belletrud’s garden of jasmine and tuberose, while Rose des Vents bottles roses from the area with other breeds from Turkey and Bulgaria. However, as Louis Vuitton’s history is rooted in travel, the fragrances naturally transport you afar – Contre Moi takes you to the tropics with Tahitian vanilla – and then home again; Mille Feux smells like the leather of Louis Vuitton, with subtle hints of raspberry.

But it is a wonder Louis Vuitton did not release a fragrance sooner, letting six decades pass since their last fragrance Eau de Voyage in 1946. Prior to that there was Heure d’Absence (Absent Hour) in 1927 and Je Tu Il in 1928. In 2011 when Belletrud was hired on, the rumours were flying  about a new fragrance for Louis Vuitton, but now the time has finally come.

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