Louis Vuitton Windows: A New Book Celebrating Faye McLeod

Ever stopped to look twice at a Louis Vuitton window display? Of course you have. Who can forget the red spotted octopus tentacles engulfing lifesize sculptures of Yayoi Kusama in boutiques in 2012? Or the gilded dinosaurs skeletons that paraded the Pre-Fall/Winter 2013-2014 handbag collection?

Like individually framed works of art, they are the fantasy stagecraft of LV’s Visual Image Director Faye McLeod, Art Director Ansel Thompson and their team of over 20 creatives.

While we have Marc Jacobs to thank for most of Louis Vuitton’s most adventurous collaborations, it’s time the world acknowledged the genius of McLeod and Thompson who have continually managed to give each artist, and indeed each collection and every show since 2010, a kind of fairytale context, taking their extravagant catwalk visions and recreating the magic within a tiny space, like a cabinet of curiosities – think train compartments, cartwheeling pandas and mini hot air balloons cramming shop windows for the delight of passers by.

A newly published book by Assouline brings together over 35 displays by the designers in a giant size collector’s edition that features an introduction by The New York Times Fashion Director, Vanessa Friedman. The book can currently be pre-ordered for $845, which means that most of us will have make do with the more affordable pleasure of admiring future Louis Vuitton displays from the pavement, hopefully with more appreciation for the names behind the magic. @fayedreamsalot

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At the book launch in Paris
Faye McLeod