Material of the Moment

Marble has been enjoying a renaissance thanks to an overwhelming number of artists using the medium to create new forms and applications for the material. This became apparent during the London Design Festival (LDF), with marble or ‘marble-ish’ being showcased in a range of products from set design to lighting. The term ‘Marbleish’ was coined by design duo Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri as part of their project for LDF’s Project ‘ish’.

The duo use post-industrial waste materials such as denim, cotton and polyester that they recycle and reclaim to create furniture and products.  The surprise comes at the end: the recycled materials mimic the opulence of slate and marble.

If you look at the pictures you’ll find it hard to make out what is real marble and what is the faux or ‘ish’ marble. It’s a trick that a lot of designers are presently using – a seamless blend of the two materials (real and faux) that creates a kind of visual harmony.

My boards are a celebration of marble (ish) and highlight how new, innovative materials can challenge our perception of traditional ones. Marble and Marble-ish, I crown you Materials of the Month…

Marbellish collage
Main image above: Corey Bartle Sanderson, Supermarket Simulacrum 1. Sophie Rowley, an MA Materials Futures Graduate at Central Saint Martins, uses traditional sanding methods and denim to reinterpret and give the illusion of marble. 2. Chen Chen & Kai Williams: Third Eye Vessel. 3. Thomas Sandell for Marsotto Edizioni 2010, a marble bookcase that gives and illusion of a soft material


Marble collage 2
4. PlayType Faux Soulland, a collaboration that sees men’s clothing take on marble prints. 5. Corey Bartle-Sanderson, stunning visuals are created using marble as a back drop for set designs 6.Studio Vit, a simple and fresh approach to lighting using marble next to glass.


m.o.m marbel-ish
7. Jessie Hands, Central Saint Martins MA Fashion graduate using textiles to play with weight of cloth and perceptions of marble. 8. Ish a project between duo Matteo Fogale + Laetitia de Allegri who use waste materials to create the illusion of marble. 9. Set Design at Charlie May S/S 2015 show. Blocks of marble as plinths for fashion display.


m.o.m marbelish
10. Hannah Morgan fuses a multitude of materials together for her graduate RCA collection but all come back to marble. 11. Lee Broom and his innovative lighting that alludes to the weight of marble but in reality is as light as air. 12. Os & Oos another studio playing with weights as they create soft marble lights. 13. Pieteke Korte, Design Academy Eindhoven Collection uses the power of illusion  and foam to create another faux marble.  



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