Martin Parr’s Food for Thought

British photographer Martin Parr, famed for his hyper real (often garish) images of provincial life in the UK and tongue-in-cheek holiday shots that feed off social stereotypes and cultural cliches has released a book focusing just on food from around the world.

Published by Phaidon, the book is a technicolor food atlas that toys with all those familiar Parr-isms: notions of consumption, greed, social class and of course the grotesque. Food is stripped of its ceremony and is instead presented as a comic-like catalogue of international oddities – from seemingly innocuous white sliced bread (buttered, processed and anaemic looking – a symbol of the Western world’s insidious food industry perhaps) to a smorgasbord of hotdogs, the phallic emblems of Parr’s irrepressibly naughty and tongue-in-cheek style that has remained a constant throughout his career as a social raconteur.

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Martin Parr’s Real Food is published by Phaidon, £14.95