Matty Bovan talks Fashion East SS17

Matty Bovan for Something About

Matty BovanCentral Saint Martins MA Fashion graduate has been added to the new Fashion East line up. His first presentation is set to take London Fashion Week SS17 by storm come September 2016. As Matty Bovan joins Fashion East‘s list of recruits including Mimi Wade and Richard Malone. To learn more before his London Fashion Week debut, which follows a role as Assistant Designer at Louis Vuitton and collaborations with Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs amongst others, we return to Something About’s first interview with Matty Bovan from August 2015.

Photographer Naomi Wong and Alicia Ellis visited Matty in his studio flat in Highgate to take some pictures of Matty Bovan and his special belongings. Throughout the day, the three had lots of funny conversations. Alicia managed to untangle his thoughts into the Q&A’s below:

We’re constantly on the hunt to find the best glitter nail varnish, any recommendations? 

Superdrug used to do a great one by Gosh which I was in love with – very fine holographic particles. There are some really fraudulent ones out there, which don’t come out as nice as they look.

We want to know more about your work Matty Bovan…

My work is an extension of me, ha!  Everything I’m into at the time, basically trying to make my dream things in the world. But on a budget. Trying to make sense of the world in a way and having fun doing it.

Fav film? 

Love Sci-Fi, like Alien and Blade Runner, because my mum loves all that. I’d  watch them with her when I was young and scared. Love it when films have an atmosphere, heavy or claustrophobic, something really great about that. Also I love a period drama, and more fun stuff like Tank Girl and also Derek Jarman’s films. Basically a mixture.


I’ve loved the same people for years now like Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, Bjork, Grimes, etc…seems to be a lot of females. Haha!

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Fav piece in your wardrobe? 

Some crochet I did in New York just because it’s the only crochet I ever made for myself and it took a while.

Tell me a story about something in your wardrobe? 

My friend posted me a funny shaped worn out Missoni bag. It’s suede and was initially probably a camel colour with bright pink piping. The shape is so odd, I’ve never seen a bag like it before. I love it so much!

What do u wanna be when you grow up Matty Bovan? 

To never grow up and be a designer. Hahaha!

Matty Bovan for Something About
Matty Bovan adjusts his earrings
Matty Bovan in his kitchen
Matty Bovan for Something About
Matty Bovan for Something About