Meet Kalen Hollomon

Meet Kalen Hollomon, a mixed media collage artist who’s been stirring up our iPhone screens with his witty and provocative collages. With 84K followers on his three year old Instagram account, Kalen Hollomon first studied painting and film direction in Los Angeles, before moving to China Town in New York, where he is now based and uses the metropolitan city as a backdrop for his work. Shooting mostly from his iPhone lens, Hollomon juxtaposes luxury fashion campaigns from strong brand identities such as Prada, Céline, Louis Vuitton and J.W. Anderson, alongside vintage pictures, including 70s pornographic magazine and lingerie ad cutouts.

He also takes his collages amongst the crowds on the streets and down in the subways, substituting a man’s legs with a pair of women’s heels or positioning images from different eras in the same frame. Via his ‘quick-fix’ Instagram network, Hollomon can challenge both social and economic issues, alongside gender and sexual stereotypes with even a slight alteration in the meaning and connotation of a image composed of popular elements, a logo or a celebrity. Having had to battle with the censorship restrictions on Instagram and account deactivations, Hollomon has always walked the line of provocation…we can’t wait to see what he will come up with next…

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All imagery © Kalen Hollomon / @kalen_hollomon

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