Meghan Markle Dream Couture Wedding Dresses

We’re not jumping on the bandwagon. Okay maybe we are a little but it’s just that all this talk of a Prince Harry x Meghan Markle wedding got us thinking about dresses and more specifically which couture versions we’d most like to see the actress wear on her big day. A Chanel pink swan dress (as worn by Lily-Rose Depp for AW17 couture) is an obvious choice, but here we’ve delved back a little into the history books for some more provocative choices.

Meghan Markle Dream Wedding Dresses

YSL’s Cocoon Dress of 1965

Meghan Markle Wedding Dresses

Royal protocol is a difficult thing to master for anyone who hasn’t grown up waving as if they are smoothing the golden mane of a unicorn. Meghan for all her integrity and fine manners may still face these challenges. Yves Saint Laurent’s s knitted dress from 1965 will protect her against any faux pas – except literal ‘faux pas’ should she fall over given the constricting architecture of the gown. Still, not  a bad option and cosy too. When Saint Laurent create his ‘cocoon’ gown in 1965, it raised all sorts of questions surrounding female emancipation – would the wearer develop into a beautiful butterfly through marriage or be trapped in an unfamiliar world forever? The designer’s main impetus however was to experiment with shape and garment construction as well as highlight futurism as a movement that was sweeping the cultural landscape.

Chanel spring/summer 2000

Meghan Markle Wedding Dresses

Nothing says royalty like a ruff Elizabethan collar. This Chanel SS 2000 dress modelled by Devon Aoki is both playful and ambitious – the feathery sleeves tone down the severity of the neckline .  There’s also a spot of Madame Pompadour about it, always a good way to ruffle feathers at Westminster Abbey.

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009

Okay, so wearing a Russian Orthodox-inspired wedding dress may be a little contentious, but if the brief is to appear ‘majestic’ nothing quite nails it like this ornate ‘living icon’ gown. This very dress was worn by Dita Von Teese on the cover of Harpers Bazaar in 2009 and it is part of Lacroix’s final collection before the designer stepped away from his namesake label which failed to be bought out of bankruptcy. For this reason it deserves a rebirth and a grand one at that.

Meghan Markle Wedding Dresses


Yohji Yamamoto Spring 1998

“Behind the wedding dress there must be many stories,” said Yohji Yamamoto about his 1999 couture catwalk, deemed by many as the “zenith” of his career. The designer’s fascination with matrimony began a year earlier with his spring 1998 show and this image of a young Jodie Kidd still stands as a seminal runway moment – it brought a theatrical dimension to catwalk presentations and introduced the idea of ‘backstage dressing’ and ‘prep’ into public view. In 2011 the dress was exhibited at the Wapping Project; it was suspected upside down over a pool of dark water like an ethereal, gossamer jelly fish. Visitors were invited to admire its beauty up close by rowing to it via a tiny fishing boat!

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Meghan Markle Wedding Dresses

Jean Paul Gaultier spring 2008

There are just too many Gaultier bridal dresses to choose from, but this one appealed to our Disney sensibilities given that mermaids and princesses are pretty much the same thing.  Coco Rocha famously made her finale walk down the catwalk on coral crutches which rather fortuitously would also make a nice pair of scepters. We also think that everyone should have a Madonna moment whether they are royalty or not: nothing quite says girl power than a conical shaped bra made of shells.

Meghan Markle Wedding dresses