Melania Trump: Marc Jacobs Could be Right

Melania Trump

Maybe Marc Jacobs is right. We should leave Melania Trump well alone. The designer has said he refuses to dress the First Lady on account of her husband’s politics. But snubbing Melania Trump for reasons of association, isn’t really the point here.

Melania Trump is the least popular First Lady in American History. There is a poll to prove it apparently. Melania Trump has also been called the most ‘mysterious’ presidential spouse to grace the White House – except, oh yeah, she lives in Trump Tower much to the chagrin of over 100,000 New Yorkers who don’t want to fork out $1million a day (a day!) for her security. They have a point. But Melania Trump has been vilified, made fun of and belittled throughout Donald Trump’s campaign. The speech Melania Trump ripped off Michelle Obama didn’t help of course. As Trump’s ‘Trophy Wife’ Melania Trump really gets it in the neck.

Others in the media have ostensibly stood up for her only to label her a ‘victim’ in the same breath. She is after all just the Slovenian model who ‘done good’ and who took a wrong turn when she married a billionaire bully. She is stuck they say in his shadow forever. She doesn’t talk because her husband believes women should be seen (as long as they are hot) and not heard.

As such, Melania Trump has become less of a human being and more of a series of identities that feed (somewhat parasitically) off their host, Donald Trump. It all seems a bit anti-feminist really.

If you don’t like Donald Trump (and by the way, join the club) it stands to reason that you won’t support Melania Trump, but it is wrong to impose his failings on to her. We don’t KNOW Melania Trump is a bimbo airhead just because he objectifies women and speaks of them as if they are gormless idiots who can be consensually “grabbed by their pussies” (again this applies only to the hot ones apparently.

The ‘ugly’ ones – or worse still the ‘ugly clever ones’ wouldn’t so much as get an indignant prod in Donald Trump’s world. What a shame.

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with Ralph Lauren

But it’s not Melania Trump that we are seeing but him. And why is Melania Trump a victim too? It’s supposition. It’s not right to make someone out to be a bully (which Trump patently is) by simply portraying their other half as a meek, subjugated wallflower. That’s a bit lazy.

So what’s the solution?To stop trying to ‘find’ intrigue when Melania Trump doesn’t seem to want the attention. Dressing up in a beaded million dollar Dior dress for her wedding to Donald is what she signed up for – dazzling on the high society scene.

Becoming the President’s wife and having the media define Melania Trump’s personality by her husband’s controversial proclamations isn’t the most perceptive way to read a person.

Melania Trump isn’t an open book, so let’s leave her be and talk about something more interesting, like Madonna’s acceptance speech for her Billboard Woman of the Year Award 2016. Wow.