Moncler x Lunettes Collection

Moncler is a renowned brand known for their timeless, high quality standards that have been characterised through their classic down jackets that have proven to be a symbol of ‘versatility’ and ‘timeless authenticity’ through the decades. The new sunglasses and eyeglasses are exclusively designed to mirror the classic ‘Moncler style’ combined with flawless craftmanship.

With three different distinguished styles, they have you sorted for every possible occasion you could need a pair of glasses for

For the ‘Sports’ fanatics: Sunglasses designed for mountain wear but easily adapted to the big city busy lifestyle.

For the ‘Duvet’ kinda sunglass wearer : A happy marriage of aesthetics and technology that welcomes comfort as well as a stylish (celeb worthy) image.

For the ‘Timeless’ Babe: Vintage-inspired iconic, classic shapes that will pass the test of time and become a staple in any wardrobe – regardless of the season.

Whether you are after a pair of ‘shades’  to remain intact regardless of the sport you do – from surfing to skateboarding – or whether you’re simply searching for a pair to give you that uber cool ‘yes, I wear sunglasses inside’ look, the latest Moncler x Lunettes collaboration has you covered! Giving you that timeless and effortless look regardless of your activities or the occasion.

The collection is made up of sophisticated and classic shapes that suit nearly all face shapes from circular frames to more square shaped frames, as well as typical ‘ski style’ that are of course part of the ‘sports’ collection. The frame shapes really reflect the timeless element of the Moncler brand, however, the lenses are fun, vibrant and all anyone could want/need to protect their eyes from the blinding sun; with rose tinted, silver mirrored and blue toned lenses there really is a pair for every one!


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