Music: Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice are without doubt one of the most inspiring bands to come out of London in the past few years. The North London four-piece released their debut album, ‘My Love is Cool’, back in June to rave reviews, and it narrowly missed the number one spot in the UK charts. Since then, they have been touring Europe and the US, played major slots at just about every big festival and even featured on Conan and The Late Show.

A difficult band to put a label on, they stray a blurred line between DIY garage band and commercial pop act, and their songs can be as delicate as they can be powerful. It is this refreshingly original formula which has propelled them to the forefront of British music.

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Wolf Alice formed in 2010 when the band’s frontwoman Ellie Rowsell met guitarist Joff Oddie in an online forum for musicians. The two were later joined by bassist Theo Ellis and drummer Joel Amey.

“We were all doing some kind of musical venture part-time, hanging around London, and were brought together by a mutual friend,” says Rowsell. “We all had a similar idea of what we wanted to be doing. As soon as we first played together we gelled, and things propelled from there.”

Prior to Wolf Alice, Rowsell was working in shops and bars. “I always considered [music], but it took a while for me to pick up the courage to really pursue it seriously as a career.”

She is modest about the band’s success. “It’s a competitive and difficult journey to be in a band, and the fact that we were able to give up our day jobs and tour the world is a constant ‘pinch myself ’ concept for me.”

She must be black and blue, for Wolf Alice haven’t stopped this year: they have just finished a headline tour of the UK, are currently touring the US and will be heading out across Europe in November. What’s her advice for aspiring young musicians? “Always trust your gut, stay true to who you are – and don’t be a dick!”


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