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VFILES Runway 7
All New Designers In New York

The VFILES has been a platform for emerging designers, stylists and makeup artists. On the 22 August, VFILES announced VFILES Runway 7’s featured designers:  Alessandro TrinconeGround ZeroRushemy BotterSanchez-Kane, and Song Seoyoon. The designers will showcase their SS17 collections on the VFILE stage during New York Fashion Week in September. The designers were chosen by a panel of industry influencers – model Naomi Campbell, artist Young Thugmakeup artist Pat McGrath, designer Jerry Lorenzo, and stylist Mel Ottenberg – and the public via likes and shares on social media. VFILES Runway 7 designers will gain international recognition to kick start their successful careers. Among the list of accomplished VFILES alumni from the last seven seasons is Steven Tai, Ximon Lee, Andrea Jiapei Li, and FengChenWang. VFILES continues to provide a platform for the designers even off the runway, allowing people to shop the collections and read more about the brands on

We take a closer look at three of the VFILES Runway 7 designers’ in anticipation of their NYFW presentations:

Alessandro Trincone 

Alessandro Trincone’s contest entry project was called Annodami. The Italian designer used this collection to express the oppression he felt growing up. Deeply rooted in androgyny and genderless clothing, Trincone explains his collection, “The visual translation of this idea are mainly connected to Japan and its iconography, such as the Ban Gasa, sushi and the Japanese flag. Through the study of the Kosode trousers and traditional kimonos I built a bridge between my Napolitan sartorial heritage and the Nippon culture, a culture clash expressed through overly draped garments, very tight waists, knots and bows. The emphasis on the waist expresses my idea of protection, redefining tightness as a synonym of strength.”

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Ground Zero

Ground Zero was founded in 2008 by brothers Eri and Philip Chu. They continually remind themselves to stay “grounded” and that they started with “zero” – hence their name. The Hong Kong based brand submitted their AW16 collection, Lucky Pussy, to VFILES. The collection features the Chinese “Lucky Cat” and tigers with Asian characters adorning the garments.




Barbara Sanchez-Kane launched Sanchez-Kane only last year. The Mexican designer is already spreading herself around the globe, she’s shown her first collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week and her last collection – the same she submitted to VFILES Runway 7 – at FASHIONCLASH. Her menswear collections are inspired by her Mexican heritage and are just a little chaotic. Her SS17 collection “citizen Sanchez-Kane” is based on a new type of citizen, one who uses language as a weapon and yearns for equality.