Neurocouture: Wearable Fashion with Brains

Keep your eyes out for Nayana Malhotra this year’s first wearable tech winner at VFiles in New York. Malhotra works as a creative technologist and science researcher, and manipulates emerging technology to create objects and brand identities.

Having moved into the realm of fashion, Malhotra presented her wearable Gif fabric in the form of flashing techno capes that mirrored the models’ emotions, bringing new, literal meaning to fashion with feeling.  “The way it works is that it pairs the readings of your brain waves and pairs that with a database of GIFs and projects that onto your clothing”, she explained.


The designer acknowledges that the garments are at prototype stage, but she urges people to see the bigger picture; the design possibilities of the fabric have certainly not fallen on deaf ears with her VFiles accolade. The platform previously sponsored collaborations with tech wear brand, Studio XO, responsible for Lady Gaga’s flying dress for her Artpop campaign and the digital mermaid bra worn by Azealia Banks, with crystals that sparkled in real time to the singer’s real-time rapping.

Lady Gaga Volantis dress developed with Studio XO
Lady Gaga Volantis dress developed with Studio XO

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