A New Set of Ceramicists

Ruth Duckworth’s modernist forms (above) shaped the way we think about ceramics in the second half of the 20th Century. She approached clay as a Sculptor, rather than a Potter, and in doing so redefined conventional vessel forms, transforming them into art pieces. Her work has a modernist and expressionist aesthetic to it, with her vessels harbouring clean and functional edges. The Ceramicists below embody a new gen of sculptors and artists who continue to develop Ducksworth’s aesthetic, but in new, contemporary forms.


Jacqueline Klassen

Jacqueline_klassen_ Ceramics_FORM



Jacqueline Klassen doesn’t have a background in design, but with an undergraduate degree in English Literature she thought she’d give a six-week course in ceramics a go, and immediately fell in love. Thank goodness she did, because i am in love with her first collection; with its angular forms matched with functional design. Her approach as a novice is just to experiment and play, allowing for mistakes: an attitude matched by Duckworth’s own moto, to just “play, play, play.”  If Klassen’s first collection is anything to go by, i eagerly anticipate the next.


Natalie Herrera : From High Gloss


Natalie Herrera is one of my favourite ceramicists, with an instagram that makes your inner ceramic dreams come to life. This Brooklyn artist only launched her online shop a little over a year ago, but has since gained quite a following, with most of her pieces continulously selling out. Her approach is a little different to most Potters, as an architectural process is applied with rigid lines, extruded forms and experimental, textural glazes.

 Jonathan Wade

Jonathan Wade_ Ceramics_Form


Jonathan Wade is a Royal College of Art graduate that has the experience of individuals at the forefront of his practice. He asks “What information is present in situations, objects and ourselves that influences our passage through the world?” Not only is Wade’s collection a celebration of form and immersive colour, it’s also a process  that begins through a “fascination with objects that express varied qualities of ambiguousness, intervention, transience or coincidence. He may find these in the layering and chance combinations of form, texture and colour in man-made landscapes, or by the examination of particular natural objects.”  Whatever world Wade is in, i want in too ..



AAndersson  Ceramics