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NikeLab Marc Newson

When Marc Newson first collaborated with Nike in 2000, the Sydney born industrial designer imagined a rubber encased trainer punctuated with circular cut-outs. Christened the Nike Zvezdochka, Newson’s footwear was startlingly different compared to other trainers. Close to two decades later, the synergy between Newson and the Oregon based sportswear brand has remained strong. “We feed off of each other’s own works”, said Newson shortly after the unveiling of his latest footwear design, the NikeLab Air VaporMax x Marc Newson.

NikeLab Marc Newson

Newson today works in London, and it is in his multi-disciplinary studio that designs such as a the black-stopper’ed bottles of Louis Vuitton‘s first ever fragrances and a bright yellow Pentax digital camera come to live. Newson puts his stamp on many a product – touching interiors, luggage and even the odd teakettle.  “Interestingly, I trained as a jeweler”, he says, describing his first steps towards becoming a designer. “And ironically I’ve ended up designing every other type of object that relates to the body, whether it be footwear, luggage or furniture. All of these things are nothing without human interaction or without a reaction — without being used by somebody.”

For the latest NikeLab Marc Newson design, the designer found inspiration in one of the brand’s most recent innovations, the cushioned VaporMax platform. “The overwhelming emotion when you see this thing for the first time is tactile. You want to touch it and squeeze it and figure out how it works. It is a mesmerizing thing really.” The NikeLab Air VaporMax x Marc Newson adds the material to a high top trainer. Azure blue flyknit is encased in a supple leather upper via white cross-stitching. Newson fondly calls his latest creation “ a product that I’d want to use, and not only want to use, but want to use every day” – and so would we.

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