No21 AW17 The Italian American Dream

No21 AW17 Womens The Italian American Dream 12

No21 AW17 The Italian American Dream: 

For Alessandro Dell’Aqua, The No21 AW17 ready-to-wear show was a clever move in making everyone happy. This was a collection designed for all women, for all occasions with a strong thread holding it all together: An Italianate spin on Americana that moved classics such as varsity jackets and prints of blue Cadillacs cruising along the LA coast (on knits and dresses) into the realm of Milanese luxe. What does this even mean? It means that nothing looked preppy and everything looked princess-like in varying degrees. The accent was on femininity and opulence starting with a red voile dress (classic Hollywood meets Sophia Loren in Boccaccio 70) continuing through to brown fur jackets worn over gold brocade skirts. If dresses aren’t your thing, there were a smattering of tweed varsity-inspired suit jackets and calf-length trousers to distract from the amount of bare legs on show. Pencil skirts and knee length dresses ruled the catwalk and what about those shoes! A huge hit on Instagram,  the bejewelled  T-bar high-heeled sandals in colourful satins will no doubt give Prada and Miu Miu something to worry about next year. For this summer at least, we have Dell’ Aqua’s No21 coveted flat satin bow slides. If you look hard enough for these No21 sell-outs, you may just still find them.

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