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Orlebar Brown Jack

Orlebar Brown Roger Frampton: Celebrating ten active years. Orlebar Brown was established by Adam Brown in March 2007, when the photographer set out to offer a fitted for purpose alternative to everyday men’s swim- and beachwear. A decade later, an the brand’s tailored shorts have become mainstays in resorts around the worlds, worn by surfers riding the waves on Cornwall’s rough shores to beach dwellers in Los Angeles. Orlebar Brown has since expanded its offering; today, there are terry cloth polo shirts, knitwear, accessories and even footwear. Proving that creativity has a place in workout wear too, the brand has previously extended carte blanche to several artists and creatives from various fields, including  illustrator Richard Haines and Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer of Land Rover. Now, to celebrate it’s tenth anniversary, Orlebar Brown has added the Jack short to its evocatively canine named classics (think Springer, Setter, Bulldog and Dane). The new design is named after the Jack Russel Terrier, and in keeping with this particular dog breed’s high energy nature, this latest addition is designed for peak athlectic performance. To illustrate the point, Orlebar Brown has cast model, TED speaker and exercise coach Roger Frampton.

“I remember the first day I bought a pair of OB’s”, the model told us just after the Orlebar Brown Roger Frampton announcement, remembering his own first experience of the brand’s wares. “I was on my way to the airport for a lads’ trip to Ibiza and I stopped off at the Spitalfield’s store to grab myself a couple of pairs beforehand. I’ve always loved the look and  silhouette – especially now that the flexible version has come out”. In design, the Jack short is based on a classic  Orlebar Brown pattern; it’s new combination of materials has been chosen with various purposes in mind. Made of ultra-lightweight nylon with 13 percent stretch, the Jack, which is available in navy, bluestone and Pomodoro, weighs just 70 grams – ideal for beach-set work outs and adventures. For Roger Frampton, this latest job appears a dream come true:”I believe I speak for many a male model when I say it’s an honour to be pride of place on the Orlebar Brown store fronts around the world” he said. “The classic images in their campaigns are always beautifully shot in locations consisting of sun, sea and sand”. Spring may have just begun, but Orlebar Brown Roger Frampton is ready for the beach.

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Orlebar Brown Jack

Orlebar Brown JackOrlebar Brown Jack