Paul Smith Goes Fashion Slim Line

Paul Smith has taken the decision to streamline his collections into two: mainline and his diffusion label PS Paul Smith, with four drops a year. Both labels will features women’s and menswear. Sir Paul’s decision to simplify his output follows Burberry’s move to combine women’s and men’s into two annual shows with immediate online and store stock available to the public. Marc Jacobs also merges his Marc by Marc line into mainline this year, proving that designers are keen to move away from the traditional retail calendar. Speaking about the change the designer said, “We’re completely aware of what we’re doing. It’s not scary, it’s just a readjustment. There must be so many brands out there that are just locked into this formula that they can’t get out of and I just said, ‘We’re stopping that. We’re not doing that anymore.’ I’ve sat round this table so many times with my sales guys saying, ‘If you put Paul Smith on here, we could sell 4,000 t-shirts next week.’ But I’m not going to do it. It’s about about keeping your feet on the ground and focus.”


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